Morgue Story II


Note: This is an awesome crime scene/morgue!!! Nice and long, lots and lots of body attention and tons of detail. Body Washing, Soaping and Foot Play. Natasha plays dead like–well–she’s DEAD. 🙂


It’s dark. By flashlight you enter the room. A body lies in chalk circle. A ritual. A sacrifice. Her hands are zip tied behind her, bruising around her wrists. Her throat has been slit. Her body abused.

She was a collage freshman. Her first year. 20 years old. Poor, innocent girl.

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Resus, Death, Necro 2


A young woman is being monitored in ICU. She is and wearing an oxygen mask. Various medical staff attend to her. After a while, the doctor, when checking her vitals determines she has coded. They rush to save her, starting with chest compressions and then adding defibrillation. After a while, they remove her oxygen mask and start the ambu bag. Nurses are massaging her legs to keep her circulation going. Eventually they revive her during compressions.

Later, she is resting comfortably. The oxygen mask is back on. An orderly is monitoring her levels. She crashes again. They give her compressions, defibrillation, and use the ambu bag until they finally call time.

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Love My Nurse


Chris was a lazy artist coasting on the income of his nurse, girlfriend.

She was tired of his worthlessness and confronting him about it. They got in an argument–mostly one sided–mostly her. She had a temper. But, it ended in make-up sex.

Afterwords, Mikki was excited because during the sex he had choked her briefly. She wanted more. So, they tried it out. He choked her pretty hard, but she still wanted more.

But this time, he pulled as tight as he could on the garrote. He was fed up with her constantly berating him and saw a solution to both their problems.

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Santa Satan


A girl is attacked by killer Satan Santa. He strangles her to death! At the morgue, she is examined and all the usual procedures are done.

Later, the intern comes back and has some sexual fun with her body. Later, she has a y-incision and is washed, then prepped for the funeral home.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Garrote Strangle, Morgue, Postmortem, Examination, Body Washing, Necro Blow Job, Necro Sex, Cum Shot, Y-Incision, Body Washing, Body Views, Foot Views

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Discount Gyno

STARRING: Candle BoXXX & Hunter

Candle BoXXX is a bit broke due to republican economic polices. So she is forced to find a cheep way to clean her pussy. No better way than a “Discount Gyno”……

Well maybe not so much…… Turns out this Gyno is a crazy murderous bitch. Every thing that comes out of her mouth is crazy talk & she just wants to kill!!!

Crazy bitch gyno chloroforms poor Candle BoXXX & beats her for her own sick pleasure. Then she forces poor Ms. BoXXX to squirt over & over exposing her inner pussy…. Very humiliating….

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Christmas Resus Necro

STARRING: Melody Jordan

A young woman is chatting on the phone with a friend. It is Christmas time and she is very excited and happy. After a while she begins to experience discomfort in her left art, then tightening of her chest. Eventually, she collapse, still on the phone. Her friend calls 911.

The paramedics arrive and begin assessment. She is coded. They cut off her shirt and begin CPR and manual chest compressions. After a while they use the AED and eventually revive her.

At the hospital, the doctor checks her out, hooks her to the monitor and has her sit up so she can assess her more.

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Teen Lezbo Morgue

STARRING: Ginger & Tessa

Ginger is a intern at a morgue. She check’s in the dead bodies. Today there is a hot teen on the slab. So Ginger has her Necro way with the dead teen.

FETISH ELEMENTS: (HC) Nudity, Teen, Lesbo Necro Sex, Panty Hose, Limb Play, Pussy Licking, Foot Views, Body Flopping, Body Views

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

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Time Called — Jizzabelle

STARRING: Jizzabelle

A woman is experiencing chest pains. She is at first trying to ignore it. As she works at her office job, she talks on the phone with her mom as the pains become more and more severe. Suddenly, she knows she is in trouble, but quickly deteriorates and collapses to the floor.

Paramedics arrive. She is conscious and they try to assess her injury. After a minute, she codes. They quickly cut of most of her clothes and start CPR and manual compressions. After working on her for a while, they revive her.

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Crime Scene/Morgue — Ashley

STARRING: Ashley Edmonds

This starts out at the crime scene. Views of the body as she was found. The coroner comes in and examines the body, including rolling her then bagging her.

At the morgue, she is examined by a morgue attendant that is very taken by her beauty. He does a cursory exam, first removing and bagging her clothing, then checking her body all over.

Eventually, he take some liberties with her, feeling her breasts, tasting her pussy, having sex with her.

But, when it is all over, he covers her up in a sheet, ready to send her off to her next appointment.

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Death Is No End

STARRING: Fallon, Jizz, and Alexander

A young couple is having sex for her first time. The man gets a phone call to run go do a drug deal. To pacify is GF the drug dealer leves some pill drugs. She was suposed to wait. She took 1 to many. Very violent death, flopping a twitching wile being bent into a arch from the powerful poison running through her veins.

She dies & the CSI person shows up to gather the body & evidence The girls hands are bagged & photos are taken.

At the morgue. The BF identifies the body. The morgue lady does all her morgue stuff, all by the book.

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Morgues and Medical Movies

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