Penny’s End

“Penny’s End”
Starring Penny Lay & October
Directed by JohnM

The coroner is pissed at nurse Penny for making him kill her. Now, he has extra work to do. He grumpily snaps his photos and makes his observations. He strips the pale redhead of her scrubs. Penny seems to have kept her pussy nice and shaved, he notes to himself with a smile. The coroner removes her work shoes and socks, then slips a toe tag on. She’s wearing a lovely shade of red nail polish.

He pulls off Penny’s scrub top to find that her nipples are pierced. Seems nurse Penny had a wild side. He runs a gloved hand over her breasts. “Why do redheads always have the softest titties?”, he wonders. It’s a shame she had to go, really. Next, he takes Penny’s fingerprints and tries to collect samples from beneath her well kept nails. The coroner doesn’t want any of his DNA to turn up on the dead girl later on. A scan with the UV light helps put his mind at ease. He admires the bruises he left on her neck when he throttled her… while wearing gloves, of course!

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Harmony In The Morgue 2

“Harmony In The Morgue 2”
Starring Harmony & Aaron
Directed by JohnM

The coroner begins the autopsy recording. Today’s cadaver: a female named Harmony, age 19. She’s met a cruel and untimely demise. There were no obvious signs of violence, aside from some pressure marks on Harmony’s neck, indicating that she was strangled. The coroner takes the requisite pictures of her broken body before removing her shoes and dress.

He removes her bra to see Harmony’s nipples standing fully erect. Sometimes the body does things like that postmortem, he thinks. The coroner slides Harmony’s panties off her cold, lifeless legs and places it in the evidence bag with the rest of her clothes. Maybe the boys in the lab can find something on them.

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Lexi In The Morgue

“Lexi In The Morgue” 
Starring Lexi & October
Directed by JohnM

The coroner enters the examination room to find Lexi’s body lying on the table. She was a pretty girl… dressed like a punk, but beautiful. She clearly met a violent end. Nylon rope marks scar her neck and face. She didn’t deserve this fate. He grimly begins the postmortem exam he’s done so many times before. He snaps the requisite photos and records his findings.

Holding Lexi’s mouth open with a gloved finger, the coroner collects DNA samples from her oral cavity with a swab. Next, he uses a pair of scissors to remove her already cut-up AC/DC shirt. He pauses for a moment on her perky little tits, before snapping some more photographs. Lexi’s body is a bit stiff from rigor mortis already, the coroner has a bit of trouble propping her up to snap photos of her back. With her now upright, the coroner can fully appreciate Lexi’s lovely boobs. He fondles them quickly with a gloved hand, before cutting off her sheer stockings.

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A Date With The Morgue

“A Date With The Morgue”
Starring Katerina Kay, Rock and Miles

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

Katerina Kay has recently begun exploring the world of online dating. She’s looking to finally meet that special someone and live happily ever after. Rock, Katerina’s date for the evening, is a special someone, but maybe not the kind of special that Katerina had always imagined.

Katerina tries to tell Rock nicely that he’s special. This upsets Rock after she finally calls him a bit slow. He punches her in the face. Rock proceeds to mount her and strangle her to death until saliva bubbles in her throat and drips lifelessly out her mouth, all the while Rock asks her to be nice for once.

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Natalie In The Morgue

“Natalie In The Morgue”
Starring Natalie
Directed by JohnM

As soon as the coroner unzipped the body bag, he was taken aback by Knatalie’s beauty. He tried his best to proceed with the examination as usual, but in the back of his mind, he knew he had to have her. Her lovely yellow sundress contrasted with the pink ligature mark around her neck. Cause of death: strangulation.

His hands shook with anticipation as he cut the dress and removed it from her pale body. He paused for just a moment at the sight of Knatalie’s perky tits, before snipping off her white panties. His mind races with possibilities while takes his photos and checks for evidence with a UV light. He spends extra time inspecting her pussy and pretty little feet. After what feels to the coroner like an eternity, his barrage of sample collection tasks are complete and he can finally have some fun.

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Willow Killed & In The Morgue

“Willow Killed & In The Morgue”
Starring Willow Hayes, Breezy, and Miles

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

Willow is a young girl laying on her bed, reading a book. Suddenly a masked man enters, assaulting Willow on her bed. As she tries to defend herself from this bad guy wearing all black, and a ski mask to conceal his identity, he is able to get a rope around her neck and pull her back onto the bed, as Willow squirms all over the bad guy’s body struggling for air until she breathes no more.

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Alexandra’s Terrible Misfortune

“Alexandra’s Terrible Misfortune”
Starring Alexandria, Breezy and David
Directed By JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

Alexandra is found dead with her breasts and pussy exposed, stockings halfway off, and cum on her face. CSI also senses some foul play. They take pictures, mark evidence, and inspect her body for signs of struggle before shipping Alexandra off to the morgue.

A blanket is lifted from the body in the morgue. Breezy the morgue tech, strips the body of its clothes before conducting a full body examination.

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Contessa In The Morgue

“Contessa In The Morgue”
Starring Contessa
Directed by JohnM

Contessa lies lifeless on a cold metal table in the morgue. The coroner needs to remove her layers of clothes before performing his examination. It goes normally at first, collecting the requisite samples, but he seems to take a special interest in Contessa’s tight pussy.

With the exam concluded, he is free to have a little fun. Contessa’s snatch feels tight around his gloved finger, but he wonders if he can squeeze his big cock in there. It takes some effort, but it’s well worth the reward! He can barely stifle his moans as he fills Contessa’s dead cunt with his hot cum. He’d better clean up that DNA evidence before one of his colleagues discovers it!

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You’re Not Leaving The Morgue

“You’re Not Leaving the Morgue”
Starring Mona Wales, Miles, and Alexander
Directed by JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

Mona is a nurse whose skirt rests extra high today. Miles is the morgue tech. It should’ve all been a normal day at work, but Mona didn’t realize the examination table was empty because her body wasn’t on it yet.

While Mona is talking on her cellphone, Miles grabs a some extra embalming hose. Its strong enough for Miles to wrap around Mona’s neck, holding tight as she squirms and tries to fight back. She kicks, screams, and gasps for air, but her efforts can’t stop Miles’ iron grip from pulling so tight her eyes and tongue swell out from her head.

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Stella in the Morgue

“Stella in the Morgue” 
Starring Stella
Directed by JohnM

A young woman is in the morgue.  She has a gunshot wound beneath her cute summer dress. She is cold and pale as the medical examiner proceeds.

He takes photos intermittently as he does his work.  He cuts off her dress, exposing a clean bullet hold in her chest to the lower right of her left breast.  She probably died quickly, bleeding out internally.

He processes her body…taking finger prints and swabs, looking her over until he is satisfied he has collected all he can for evidence and logging purposes.  He leaves.

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