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Angel’s Cold Corpse

“Angel’s Cold Corpse”

Starring Angel M & Penny Lay

Directed by JohnM

Poor Angel. This lifeless emo girl is now the ultimate gothic dream. Pale and cold, she gives nary a reaction as her tight clothes are stripped from her body, nor as her mouth, tits and cunt are probed and examined. So young and cold, a sleeping beauty whose prince will never come.

Fetish Elements: (SC) Morgue, Gothic Fashion, Boots, Emo Girl, Body Fondling, Body Flopping, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Fingernail Scraping, Pubic Hair Combing, Pussy Swabbing, Breast Examination, Foot Views, Body Views, Limp Fetish, Medical Fetish, CSI, Body Inspection, Medical Clinic, Role Play.

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Fallen Angel

“Fallen Angel”

Starring Mary Jane & Journey

Directed by JohnM

Join Dr. Journey as she investigates the circumstances of sweet Mary Jane’s untimely death. Massive bruises across Mary Jane’s head and torso coupled with ligature marks on her throat make it obvious that this lovely angel suffered a very violent death. Watch as her body is stripped of all clothing and inspected by the thorough Doctor. Mary Jane flops lifelessly as Dr. Journey manipulates her body into the ideal positions for her examination. One suspects that Mary Jane might be a virgin after Dr. Journey painstakingly swabs her incredibly tight pussy, but it’s really hard to believe with a body like that.

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So Sudden

“So Sudden”

Starring Viva, Pepper Kester and Turbo

Directed by JohnM


A young woman, cut down in the prime of her youth, now in the county morgue to determine what happened to her. The medical examiner begins by doing an external observation first, noting the bruising on the outside of her face and neck, the doctor and examiner begin to disrobe her. Sliding her burgundy shirt overhead exposing her black lingerie. Next, her bra is removed containing a firm, perky pair of tits. All the while, Dr. Kester along with her assistant Turbo, records the various facets of what was once an active and vivacious existence.

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Time of Death

“Time of Death”
Starring Violet Monroe, Olive

“I’m here to help!” the EMT announces upon walking inside the house. “Who called?” but he stops short when he sees both beauties are laying on the living room floor with very shallow breath.

“Oh no!” the EMT thinks as he springs into immediate action rushing to the ladies side checking their pulse and starting with the faintest beat first which happened to be Olive. The EMT begins chest compression and tilts her head back before breathing life back into her.

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Preparing Trisha Parks

STARRING: Trisha Parks and Rock

Rock is preparing a post autopsy cadaver today for a funeral. The final body is uncovered as Rock pulls the sheet back, revealing Trisha’s autopsy scars.

Trisha’s wrists and ankles are bound by gauze, and her arms fall limp as the gauze is cut from her writs.

Rock stars by taking a damp sponge and cleaning her body from head to toe, leaving it glistening and moist. He pays special attention between her legs making sure her pussy is clean and ready for her beautiful funeral dress.

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Take A Closer Look

STARRING: Ivy Jones and Javier

Ivy has just gotten a breast augmentation and they are very swollen and she is worried that something has gone wrong, either with the procedure or with her muscles. She gets undressed so that he can examine her. She lays down on the bed and he places an oxygen mask over her head, the gas slowly relaxing her and putting her to sleep. In mere seconds she it sedated and the doctor begins his work.

He finishes stripping her, taking off her high heels with care, and removing her blouse and panties. He begins playing with her limp limbs, flexing her legs this way and that. He shakes her loose arms and lets them drop to her side, marveling at their weight. Satisfied with her her begins fucking her, her legs wrapped around his neck. He pounds her deep, her limp body gyrating with each thrust. He continues until he shoots a thick load all over her chest.

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Migraine Therapy

STARRING: Trisha Parks and Rock

Rock is at the doctor for intense migraines and Dr. Parks is here to help him out. She runs down a list of possible reasons but all he is interested in is hitting on her. She turns her back briefly to grab some instruments when she feels a violent blow to her head. Rock has hit her and knocked her to her knees. He lays her on a gurney and begins stripping her, fondling her breasts and rubbing her pussy gently. He positions himself near her mouth and shoves his cock down her throat, fucking her face. He leans her head off the gurney and continues fucking her head until he cums.

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CPR At Home: Alana’s Death

STARRING: Alana Raines and Trixi Gunns

Alana is talking on the phone with her friend when she starts to feel lightheaded and weak, thinking it is nothing, she continues on, but then she starts to have chest and muscle pains and collapses dead on the floor. Alana’s sister rushes in and calls 911, she starts to give her dead sister MTM and CPR. She removes her clothes and continues, until she realizes that she is dead, then she runs out to get help

FETISH ELEMENTS: Nudity, CPR, MTM (Mouth to Mouth), Stripping, Body Views

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Fractured Trust

STARRING: Norah Nova and Rock

Norah has been suffering from a bad toothache for a few days, so she goes into the dentist to get it looked at. She sits on the edge of the exam table and Dr. Bottom asks her a few cursory questions about her pain. Then he takes a look inside her mouth, and he thinks she might have a fractured tooth. So in order to fix it, he will need to put her under for the procedure.

She lays back on the exam table, and Dr. Bottom places the gas mask over her nose and mouth. She takes a few deep breaths and starts to feel very sleepy. When Dr. Bottom is sure that she is asleep he removes the mask and beings to play with her. He lifts and drops a few of her limbs to make sure she is limp. Then he starts to touch her pussy. She’s wearing really cute panties and adorable knee-high socks. He takes off all her clothes except the socks and touches her pussy. He rubs her clit and starts getting hard.

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In The Morgue

STARRING: Veronika Radke

A young woman is in the morgue. They get her out of the body back and start the pre-autopsy procedures.

When the lead tech leaves, the new guy decides to have a little fun with her body. He fondles her, fucks her mouth, then her.

Later, after the y-incision, she is washed and prepped for delivery to the funeral home.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Rigor, Clothes Removal, Postmortem Exam, Necro BJ Necro Sex, Body Washing, Y-incision, Body Views, Foot Views

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