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Assassin Neutralized

“Assassin Neutralized”

Starring Verronica Kirei & Pepper Kester

Directed by JohnM

A sexy assassin, disguised as a nurse, stealthily enters a patient’s room and approaches the motionless figure on the bed. Intent on murdering the sleeping patient, she bends down to smother them, but is surprised by a flurry of motion. Throwing off her covers, the redheaded decoy explodes into action, grappling with  the would-be killer. As the redhead gets the upper hand, she wraps a garrote around the assassin’s throat choking the life from her. Toying with the woman, the decoy starts to grope the assassin’s breasts and rub her pussy, all while still strangling her. Unable to break free, and probably distracted by being sexually molested, she orgasms one last time and then dies. Mission accomplished.

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No Cure For That

“No Cure For That”

Starring Christy Love

Directed by JohnM

Private Will Pounder is back at base after a grueling tour of duty. He’s getting a routine check-up from Dr. Christy Love and asks her to examine a nagging pain he’s been having in his leg. The exotically beautiful medic drops to her knees and runs her hands softly across Private Pounder’s thighs. He feels a distinct stirring in his camo fatigues. It seems Dr. Love can’t get a good read on the problem through the pants, she asks the loyal troop to drop trou and he complies happily.

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Pleasure and Death

“Pleasure and Death”

Starring Moka Mora & Kate Kenzi

Directed by JohnM

Dr. Mora is a sexy specialist waiting for her next patient to arrive. Clad only in a skimpy robe, she doesn’t look the part of a typical MD, but she has valuable expertise all the same! Kate enters with a knock. Dr. Mora explains she needs to perform a thorough exam, so Kate strips and climbs onto the examination table.

Using her medical knowledge to diagnose Kate as suffering from an acute lack of orgasms, Dr. Mora slowly starts stroking her naked patient. She traces lines around Kate’s pretty pussy and squeezes her titties. This gets the intended reaction out of the patient, so the good Doctor strips out of her robe and begins licking hungrily at Kate’s throbbing clit!

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Stay A While

“Stay A While”

Starring Mary Jane

Our sweet, young nurse Mary Jane is fresh out of nursing school, but she’s determined to make a difference in the lives of her patients. She’s putting Newt through a routine pre-employment physical. Newt seems really tense and anxious about his potentially new career. Mary Jane decides to apply some tender mouth therapy to his beleaguered member to alleviate the pressure!

She slurps down Newt’s schlong with clinical thoroughness. Making sure to provide plenty of lubrication with her saliva, nurse Mary Jane drools like a cock-hungry cumslut. That’s what scrub tops are for! Lucky for us, Newt quickly lifts up Mary Jane’s top to reveal her wonderfully large tits.

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Whore Nurse

“Whore Nurse”

Starring Lexi Tawny

Directed by JohnM

Aaron’s had a hard time getting… well.. hard lately. Worse yet, when he does manage to get it up he has trouble staying hard. Naturally, such a development would upset any man. Luckily, Aaron and his girlfriend know a nurse named Lexi that agreed to make a house call to check on Aaron’s condition.

Lexi uses her skillful hands to perform a series of tests on Aaron’s ailing member. To Aaron’s delight, she has a noticeable effect on the appendage! In order to give a thorough diagnosis, Nurse Lexi decides to see if Aaron’s cock is fully functional. She licks, strokes, teases, and sucks on Aaron’s big dick until he shoots a massive backload of cum all over her nice, perky tits. What a great nurse!

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Threesome Turned Deadly

“Threesome Turned Deadly”

Starring Jill Kassidy & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

Jill needed a physical exam as one of the requirements of her new job, but she didn’t exam it to be so thorough. This doctor and nurse team go the extra mile to get to know their patient, from checking her beautiful boobs for lumps to a balls deep gyn exam. Forget the co-pay; Jill gets on her knees and swabs her own throat with the doctor’s throbbing pole, until he gives her a sperm sample. How come that wasn’t written into the latest healthcare bill?

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Stress Test

“Stress Test”

Starring Lea Lexus

Sexy Dr. Lea is taking house calls. She sits on the couch with Aaron, her flirtatious gaze falling on his robed body as she puts on her latex gloves. She takes his blood pressure but notes it’s a bit low. She decides to check it somewhere else, settling her hands on his cock.

She pulls his member out from under his gown as a look of shock comes over him. He throws his head back as she begins to devour his cock. His meat throbs in her mouth as she works it over with her warm and wet mouth. Checking his blood pressure again, she sees it is in need of just a little more raising. She gets him good and wet, and begins pumping his cock with her closed fist until he shoots his load into her waiting throat.

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Nightmare Doctor

“Nightmare Doctor”

Starring Emma Scarlett & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

This doctor is overbooked! When two sexy patients are scheduled at the same time, they both demand the doctor’s attention. He does his best to juggle the simultaneous examinations, but is evidently better at juggling their beautiful boobs. When these two ladies get overheated by the doctor’s deft touch, they grab ahold of the man’s hot and hard caduceus and this doctor’s visit devolves into a hardcore orgy.

The threesome drool and moan, hands and tongues exploring each other’s most intimate parts, as they reenact their own version of the human centipede. But once they’ve reached their steamy, creamy conclusion, the doctor changes from a caring physician to a raging maniac! Attacking both of the naked nymphos, he brutally strangles them, watching the terror in their faces as the life is choked from them and leaving their ravaged bodies spread across the couch like the discarded cadavers he had dissected in medical school. So much for the Hippocratic Oath!

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Journey’s End

“Journey’s End”

Starring Journey Ray and Mary Jane

Sadness engulfs a room as a strangle victim is opened up for examination. The examination begins with a slow opening of the body bag. She lays still in a cute yellow skirt and knit shirt. Intake photos are taken and her clothes methodically stripped. Her limp legs are lifted to pull off her skirt and panties revealing her bare pussy. Her body is lifted off the table to remove her shirt and her body examined inch by inch for any unseen wounds, her body rolled over and her crevices checked. A light is used to check for any bodily fluids or chemical residues. Her mouth is swabbed and her legs spread. Fingernail and toenail scrapings are taken, and then a hair sample. With the examination complete, the body is covered.

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Mr. Simpson

“Mr. Simpson”

Starring Mary Jane & Emma Scarlett

Directed by JohnM

Mary Jane is a dedicated caregiver, so when the gravely ill, Mr. Simpson, asks her to make him happy, she goes above and beyond to bring some much needed joy into his life. Lifting up his hospital gown, the delightful girl plays with his thick pole until its hard and ready. I hope he doesn’t need any supplemental oxygen, because she sits her dripping wet pussy right on his face, while tugging on his dick.

Nurse Emma comes in, surprising them both, but soon gets into the spirit of the moment, whipping off her scrubs to participate in some very sexual healing. These three become a tangle of undulating, moaning flesh, looking like something between a standard daisy chain and the human centipede, until it’s hard to figure out where one body ends and the other begins. Mr. Simpson seems to regain his strength before our very eyes, as he gives them both a vigorous meat injection, the satisfied three eventually collapsing into a sweaty heap.

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