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Olive’s Poisoning

“Olive’s Poisoning”
Starring Olive and Aspen Ora
Directed by JohnM


Olives beautiful body has landed on the exam table from a poisoning and Dr. Aspen preforms post mortem forensics. Dr. Aspen inspects the body, taking samples, photographs and notes throughout before washing Olive’s body in preparation for her autopsy.

After Olives autopsy, Dr. Aspen wraps her hands and feet in gauze, before moving onto the next dead body.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Morgue, Body Fondling, Measuring, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Fingernail Scraping, Pussy Swabbing, Mouth Swabbing, Breast Exam, Tongue Examination, Foot Views, Body Views, Body Inspection, Stripping, Y-incision.

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Starring Ashley


Ashley is the key eye witness in a shooting outside the club and landed in the hospital because the suspects wanted for the murder were beating her up in hopes of silencing her. She was lucky to be saved by a couple of pedestrians walking by or she might not be here today the doctor explains to her. Already having to preform one recitation the doctor tells Ashley the cops are waiting to talk to her but her recovery should be her number one focus at the moment.

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Slumber Party Creeper

“Slumber Party Creeper”
Starring Ivy Jones, Maizee Contessa, C.K, Amber Nash, and Birdie
Directed by JohnM


Six of the closest friends from the women’s dorm got together for a sleepover to catch up and enjoy one anothers’ company. The girls are having so much fun laughing, tossing the pillows around and their cheeks are out jiggling around as they playfully jump around on the best.

But things take a turn as the girls all suddenly feel sleepy and pass out one-by-one. Sprawled out on the bed, Ivy’s uncle comes into the room to check on the girls and see if they need anything but he finds them pretty sound asleep and begins to worry and think it could be something else-but what?!?

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The After Hours Clinic

STARRING: Blue, Mia, London, Maizee, and Javier

It’s been a long day at the office and janitor Javier is finishing up his cleaning routine in one of the examination rooms. He never has any fun though, he decides. He puts on a lab coat and grabs a stethoscope. Dr. Javier at your service!

All of a sudden four women burst into the room, complaining of breathing and coughing problems. He’s caught off guard and soon he is examining them all with his stethoscope. He has just the cure, he’s going to give them all a hit of oxygen. They all take a turn breathing in the clearing fumes, but what they do not realize is that this is not oxygen, but a sleep agent, that slowly knocks all of them out one by one, their bodies flopping onto the floor and around the room.

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My Irresistible Patient

STARRING: Rachel James, Ivy Aura, and Miles

Ivy has come to the doctor to figure out a recurring headache and its cause. Dr. Miles and an intern, Rachel, attend to Ivy first going over common problems such as stress, trauma, injury, etc. Ivy strips naked and sits down on a gurney. Dr. Miles checks her pulse and her heartbeat with a stethoscope, making sure they hear no gurgling or suspicious activity.

They deduce that it may be a pinched nerve around the neck, from working at a computer. Dr. Miles checks for lumps or contusions on Ivy’s head, while Rachel examines her back and shoulders. Dr. Miles leaves to check with the radiology department. Rachel comments that the cause of her problems may be her “sexy” back. Ivy begins to grow uncomfortable as Rachel continues to hit on her, eventually stabbing her with a needle and knocking her out.

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Your Prescription Is Me

STARRING: Trisha Parks and Rock

Trisha is at the doctor for her regular physical examination. Her doctor, Dr. Rock gives her an A+ for her figure! He asks her questions about her lifestyle and diet. He checks her reflexes, shines a light down her throat, checks her eyes, and inspects her ears. He gives her a clean bill of health, except for one thing. But he has the prescription, dinner with him, tonight!

She declines and he jams a needle into her neck, laying her on the gurney. He strips her naked and caresses her body, running his hands over her tits and across her pussy. He bends her over a wheelchair, shoving his hard cock down her throat, fucking her until he blasts a thick load of cum all over her face. He puts her back on the gurney, letting her know she needs to return frequently for further “treatment!”

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Bad, Bad Nurse

STARRING: Brooke Bliss and Rock

Nurse Brooke seems to have found a billing error and brings it to Dr. Bottom. There seems to be a lot of patients being overcharged, but she hasn’t contacted the insurance company. She shows him on the chart but he’s ready with a large needle filled with a special ingredient! She falls onto the table and now he can fix those “mistakes.” But first, he decides to have a little fun.

He strips her down and puts her into a wheelchair. He opens her mouth and shoves his cock deep inside. He tips the wheelchair back and slides his dick further until he cums in her mouth. He wheels her out of the room before she awakens.

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Mysterious Headache Part 2

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Rock

Ivy lays perfectly still inside an MRI machine while she is scanned. Dr. Bottom wheels her back to the examination room and she hops up onto the table. There are few more invasive tests that they need to perform and he applies a local anesthetic with a large needle. She slowly starts to drift in and out as she counts down from ten. Before she even hits three she’s out like a light.

Rock soon finds out that her scheduled test has been delayed. Looks like they have a few more minutes with each other. He drops his pants and slides his cock into her mouth, face fucking her until her is hard. He moves around behind her and shoves his dick into her tight pussy, pumping slowly. He strips her and continues to fuck her.

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Gassed Out

STARRING: Mona Wales and Lily LaBeau

Mona is training the new nurse Lily and they get to talking. Mona says she’ll just be hanging out with her cats this weekend as usual. She has 9 of them, and this freaks Lily out a little but she does her best to hide her critical expression. Realizing that Mona might need a little excitement in her life, Lily asks if she’s ever played with the gas. They used to take turns with it at her old hospital. Mona is into it, but she’s never done it before.

Mona lays down on the exam table and Lily holds the gas mask up to her face and tells her to breathe deep. The two girls take turns taking deep breaths from the mask, and then Lily woozily climbs on the exam table on top of Mona as per her request. She just wants to cuddle her. They’re both feeling funny and enjoying themselves, touching each other.

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The Feel-Good Doctor

STARRING: Mona Wales and Bolly Wood

Mona is a new patient and she gets really nervous about going to the doctor. She’s concerned because she thinks she’s an obese woman. She has severe body image dysmorphia. Dr. Wood decides to start by taking her vitals. He places the end of the stethoscope on her chest and instructs her to take deep breaths in and out. She does, but she has a hard time controlling her shallow breathing because she’s so nervous. As he listens to her lungs, he grabs her breast. She doesn’t say anything about it but looks slightly alarmed. He takes her pulse and everything looks fine.

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