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Death Is No End

STARRING: Fallon, Jizz, and Alexander

A young couple is having sex for her first time. The man gets a phone call to run go do a drug deal. To pacify is GF the drug dealer leves some pill drugs. She was suposed to wait. She took 1 to many. Very violent death, flopping a twitching wile being bent into a arch from the powerful poison running through her veins.

She dies & the CSI person shows up to gather the body & evidence The girls hands are bagged & photos are taken.

At the morgue. The BF identifies the body. The morgue lady does all her morgue stuff, all by the book.

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The Nurse and the Vet

STARRING: Samii & Lucky Bellagio

Samii works at the VA. Lucky is having some discomfort with his prostate. He has been tormented by nightmares of the Vietcong when they raped him as a POW. He packs heat were ever he goes.

When he gets grabby with Samii she goes to get security to restrain him. Lucky snaps. He pulls his piece out & makes Samii strip. Once naked he attempts to get her to suck his cock. She refuses & he shoots her in the belly, twice. Then he lets her squirm around for awhile before shooting her in each boob and she dies after a few moment. Lucky leaves the dead nurse on the cold floor.

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Tragic Teenage Death


Emily returns home from high-school volleyball practice talking on her cell phone to a friend. She is a little winded and feels weaker then normal, but is too lost in conversation to notice. After she gets up, she has heart failure and drops to the floor–dead. Still only a teenage girl, still just in high school, her life, cut short by an unpredictable tragedy.

Later, the local EMS arrives at the scene, but it is obvious at this point the victim is deceased, so he proceeds to secure the body and preserve the scene. He carefully checks her body for initial signs of trauma, then cases the room, collecting anything that may have come in contact with her…open containers, her purse, backpack, etc. He bags her hands and rolls her into a body bag then transports her back to the local, small town morgue.

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Throat Slice Morgue


Jenny is a fresh body just delivered to the morgue in a plastic bodybag. Javier is the night janitor, come to clean the room. He finds this beautiful specimen all alone and decides to help himself, even though he’s not supposed to touch the bodies.

He slips her out of the plastic and lays her on the counter where he proceeds to strip her and fondle her body, exposing her pussy and tits before fucking her throat with his big cock. He cums hard down her throat and decides that he should put away his little doll before anyone finds out!

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