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Gone Too Soon

“Gone Too Soon”
Starring Scarlet Skies
Directed by JohnM

HD and 4K Versions Available

A surprising day for the morgue tech. Usually, the bodies he receives are victims of accidents from the nearby industrial facility, but today, it looks like he has a student from the nearby school. Poor girl, so young, in her pretty summer top–bottoms seem to be missing along with her footwear. And even more, the way she died….bruising on her neck—curious.

He starts in exam in the normal way, donning his gloves and starting with photos. It is clear she has not been dead long, 5-6 hours at most. He takes photos while looking her over. He cuts off her top, exposing her breasts with perky nipples. He then cuts off her panties. He takes her temperature, confirming his earlier guess. Then he uses the black light to look through her hair and examine the rest of her body meticulously-rolling her on her side to get at all regions. He scrapes under her nails, hoping for evidence that might point to her killer. Such a tragedy; murders were rare in his area, but for a recent uptick. The poor girl, she still had braces and now, would never be able to show off her beautiful teeth.

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Sister Mary Morgue

“Sister Mary Morgue”
Starring Zoey Monroe
Directed By JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to 1920X1080 at 60FPS

A nun is dead. Murdered. The CSI case the scene.

At the morgue, the techs do a full exam.

They undress the corpse. Roughly break the rigor mortis in her joints. Swab her orifices and fingerprint her for evidence collection. Roll her on the cold steel table to ensure a thorough examination.

Later, the priest comes to say a prayer. They give him some time with Sister Mary. He does pray, then he lets his hands wander. Then he lets his cock wander into her open mouth for a while. Finally, he tests her faith by the tightness of her pussy until he cums all over the dead, young nun.

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Deceased Lover

“Deceased Lover”
Starring Katie Kush
Directed by JohnM

Donning his rubber gloves, the coroner prepares for his next post-mortem examination. He unzips the body bag. His deceased subject is Katie, a cute little chick with glasses and a nose ring. The coroner snaps some photos with his camera before setting about removing the girl’s clothes. He’s sure to photograph the signature bruising around Katie’s neck.

Using scissors, he cuts off Katie’s white skirt and pink satin blouse. He drops the ruined clothes into the evidence bag, along with her sandals. The lab can analyze them for potential DNA evidence. Katie has nice titties for a petite girl. She is tattooed and the coroner can see her trimmed bush through her sheer panties. He pulls off Katie’s glasses and examines the bruising on her face and neck. He snaps more photos of the nude corpse for his records.

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Corpse Exam

“Corpse Exam”
Starring Chrissy & Lena

In a dank basement morgue, a cute dead girl lies in a bodybag on a cold metal table. The exotic mortician dons her mask and gloves, preparing for yet another post mortem examination. She opens the bag and her subject is wearing just a striped top and pair of bloody panties. She’s clearly bleeding profusely from the vagina.

The mortician cuts off the dead girl’s top, exposing her delicious little nipples, as well as a gushing bullet wound. The panties are removed next and the mortician examines her cadaver’s wounded genitals. Next, she checks the dead girl’s teeth and the rest of her oral cavity for any potential evidence. She swabs the corpse’s orifices for further DNA testing.

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Illicit Examination

“Illicit Examination”
Starring Vienna Rose
Directed by JohnM

In the morgue, the coroner prepares for his next post-mortem examination. He dons his gloves and unzips the body bag containing the cadaver of a young brunette named Vienna. She’s dressed for a tennis match and her athletic body looks sexy in the skimpy athletic wear. The coroner stoically goes through his procedure and begins snapping photos for evidence.

The coroner removes her shoes and places them in the evidence bags, noticing her distinctive reddish toenail polish. Using a pair of surgical scissors, he cuts off her clothes and bags them as well. Vienna’s body has attractive tanlines on her perky tits and curvy hips. Using the UV light, the coroner scans her naked body for marks or signs of semen. He uses a laser thermometer to gauge the time of death.

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Irresistibly Dead

“Irresistibly Dead”
Starring Salem
Directed by JohnM

The coroner unzips the body bag and sees the pale body of the small young woman. Her red hair burns against the stark white body bag. His eyes are immediately drawn to the large ligature marks around her neck. The cause of death: strangulation. The coroner starts the recording and begins snapping his photographs.

His gloved hands gently tilt her head and lift her limbs. He carefully removes the girl’s all white Chucks and socks, then places them in the evidence bag. Next, he removes her skirt and moves her body further up on the metal exam table. He cuts off her skirt. She has no bra on underneath and he notices her lovely pale breasts. The coroner cuts off her panties next, admiring her cute shaved kitty-cat.

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The Lovely Body of Jane Doe

“The Lovely Body of Jane Doe”
Starring Ashlynne

The coroner enters the morgue and gets started on case #1051. Another Jane Doe. He unzips the body bag and removes the lithe blonde corpse. The coroner joylessly cuts off Jane Doe’s clothing and examines her nude body. Her pubic hair has been shaved and she has a small tattoo on her pelvic bone. With a bit of luck, it may help identify her.

Using his camera to snap photos of the body, the coroner notes that she has a distinct ligature mark around her pale throat. The cause of death is clearly strangulation. His gloved hands move her lovely limbs to check for any cuts or scratches. Flicking on his UV light, the coroner checks Jane Doe for any signs of invisible DNA evidence. He pays special attention to her shaved pussy, as these types of murders are often sexual in nature.

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Tampering with Evidence

“Tampering with Evidence”
Starring Natalie Knight
Directed by JohnM

The seasoned CSI agent calls in the victim’s brother, Aaron, to ID the body. He holds up a bloody arrow, the murder weapon to show Aaron, who is too shocked to react. The agent pulls back the sheet and reveals the bloody body of Natalie, a bloody hole in her chest where the arrow hit here. Aaron confirms that his sister is dead.

The agent gives Aaron a minute to grieve with the body before questioning him further. Aaron immediately starts fondling his dead sister’s pretty pussy. He bends down to the exam table and licks her clit. Aaron makes Natalie rub her twat with her manicured fingers. Then, he pulls out his cock and forces his dead sister to jerk him off.

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Liv in the Morgue

“Liv in the Morgue”
Starring Liv ReVamped
Directed by JohnM

The coroner Dr. Wild enters the morgue and flicks on his tape recorder. He unzips the body bag to find his latest subject, Liz, a pretty young brunette in a tank top and shorts. Dr. Wild positions her body for the examination and cuts off her clothes. He snaps photos of Liv’s body then scans it with a UV light, trying to spot traces of potential evidence.

The doctor scrapes Liz’s nails, takes her fingerprints, and swabs her mouth and pussy for semen. He collects a sample of her pubic hair. He takes time to squeeze Liz’s perky breast with his gloved hand. Dr. Wild places the tag on her toe and massages Liz’s feet, noting her cherry red nail polish. He feels a chubby growing in his slacks.

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Kate Kennedy In The Morgue

“Kate Kennedy in the Morgue”
Starring Kate Kennedy
Directed by JohnM

Another day, another corpse. The coroner wears a bored expression as he dons his gloves and pulls the sheet back on the latest cadaver. She was a pretty young girl named Kate. Her cause of death is unknown.

The coroner begins his exam by cutting off Kate’s rumpled t-shirt. Her breasts are perky and her nipples erect. It must’ve been cold when she died. The coroner toss her clothes in the evidence bag and proceeds to scan Kate’s pale body with the UV light. He places the toe tag on Kate and takes her body’s temperature with an infrared thermometer. No signs of semen or blood so far. The coroner snaps photographs of Kate’s body for the record.

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