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Tia In The Morgue

“Tia In The Morgue”
Starring Tia and Jade
Directed by JohnM

The coroner and his assistant Jade are beginning an autopsy on the latest arrival in the morgue. Tia immediately appears to have suffered a broken neck. She was a beautiful young girl, and definitely did not die of natural causes. The duo quickly go to work stripping off Tia’s clothes and examining the body.

Jade tries to stay out of the coroner’s way while he snaps the requisite photos. The examination room is always so crowded with two people working in it. She places the toe tag on Tia while the coroner cuts off her skirt and top. Jade asks the coroner to save Tia’s expensive bra for her. It looks to be her size.

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Beautifully Dead

“Beautifully Dead”
Starring Ashley Lane, Aaron, and Rock
Directed by JohnM

A lovely girl named Ashley has met a tragic, early end. She lies on the cold autopsy table, still in her black cocktail dress and heels. The coroner enters, presses play on the tape recorder, and begins his examination. He snaps the requisite photos and collects his samples. To say he’s become numb to the close contact with death would be an understatement.

He methodically strips Ashley nude and scans her body with a UV light for evidence. A metal scraper works loose anything interesting that might be hiding under her nails. The coroner collects pubic hair and fingerprints, then swabs every orifice for DNA. When he’s done, he leaves Ashley’s body nude, toe tagged, and her orifices stuffed with wads of cotton. The new morgue tech can finish preparing her for the funeral home.

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Harmony In The Morgue 2

“Harmony In The Morgue 2”
Starring Harmony & Aaron
Directed by JohnM

The coroner begins the autopsy recording. Today’s cadaver: a female named Harmony, age 19. She’s met a cruel and untimely demise. There were no obvious signs of violence, aside from some pressure marks on Harmony’s neck, indicating that she was strangled. The coroner takes the requisite pictures of her broken body before removing her shoes and dress.

He removes her bra to see Harmony’s nipples standing fully erect. Sometimes the body does things like that postmortem, he thinks. The coroner slides Harmony’s panties off her cold, lifeless legs and places it in the evidence bag with the rest of her clothes. Maybe the boys in the lab can find something on them.

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A Date With The Morgue

“A Date With The Morgue”
Starring Katerina Kay, Rock and Miles

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

Katerina Kay has recently begun exploring the world of online dating. She’s looking to finally meet that special someone and live happily ever after. Rock, Katerina’s date for the evening, is a special someone, but maybe not the kind of special that Katerina had always imagined.

Katerina tries to tell Rock nicely that he’s special. This upsets Rock after she finally calls him a bit slow. He punches her in the face. Rock proceeds to mount her and strangle her to death until saliva bubbles in her throat and drips lifelessly out her mouth, all the while Rock asks her to be nice for once.

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Natalie In The Morgue

“Natalie In The Morgue”
Starring Natalie
Directed by JohnM

As soon as the coroner unzipped the body bag, he was taken aback by Knatalie’s beauty. He tried his best to proceed with the examination as usual, but in the back of his mind, he knew he had to have her. Her lovely yellow sundress contrasted with the pink ligature mark around her neck. Cause of death: strangulation.

His hands shook with anticipation as he cut the dress and removed it from her pale body. He paused for just a moment at the sight of Knatalie’s perky tits, before snipping off her white panties. His mind races with possibilities while takes his photos and checks for evidence with a UV light. He spends extra time inspecting her pussy and pretty little feet. After what feels to the coroner like an eternity, his barrage of sample collection tasks are complete and he can finally have some fun.

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Lily Morgue 2

“Lily Morgue 2”
Starring Lily
Directed by JohnM

Note:  (and this is true), the state of morgues in America is terrible.  With so few licensed medical examiners or coroners and little to no funding by the government for services, there are more and more cases of make-shift morgues in places not designed in any way to handle morgues…backrooms, homes, garages, basements and even back offices of regular business have become hosts to sloppy morgues with non-licensed personnel resulting in problems in the overall system.  Here is one such tale.

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Substitute Doctor

“Substitute Doctor”   
Starring Manta Raye
Directed By JohnM

NOTE:  Re-Encoded for FULL 1920X1080 HD

  Casey turned 18 over the weekend and today she was waiting in her regular doctors office for her yearly checkup.  It was a small town and her doctor was also her gynecologist.  She was nervous.

A man entered the room, however, it was not her doctor, but a substitute.  Reluctantly, she got undresses and sat and waited for him to examine her.

He checked her blood pressure, heart and reflexes, then had her lay right down for her gyno exam.  Nervously she did as she was instructed.

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Vienna in the Morgue

“Vienna in the Morgue”
Starring Vienna Rose
Directed by JohnM

A teenager was found strangled after a party and is now in the morgue.  The poor, innocent girl was a strait A student and aspiring cellist with the local youth symphony and hoped to one day help find the cure for the world diseases.  Now her life is over, her parents grieve, her bother looses a sister, a killer has yet to be found and everyone is sad and in mourning.

But the morgue tech does not care about any of that.

Another body in the morgue, he dawns his gloves and gets to work. Pulling back the sheet to reveal a cute girl, he looks her over taking photos and undressing her.   He takes notes, makes observations and does a preliminary exam on the corpse.  All the evidence from the body was gathered earlier.  This is strictly procedure for the Claggit County Morgue.  And so it goes.

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Life and Death 2

“Life and Death II”
Starring Dixon
Directed by JohnM

NOTE:  Re-Encoded for FULL 1920X1080 HD


A young woman is attacked and strangled to death at work.  Later, the aftermath is documented on video.  At the morgue, she is processed.  The killer returns and murders the female morgue technician. He then has his way with the office girls corpse before leaving.

If you liked the original “Life and Death”, starring Jessika, I am sure you will enjoy this.  Dixon does a wonderful job playing an innocent victim, and a corpse through most of the movie.  The morgue scenes are detailed with the addition of rigor mortis with sound effects to match.  Please enjoy.

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Lily Morgue 1

“Lily Morgue 1”
Starring Lily
Directed by JohnM

A young woman is in the morgue.  Penny is doing the preliminary examination.  As she does, she continues to train Steve, an intern who has been annoying her the past few weeks.

The exam goes normally, however, in shocking turn of events, Steve kills Penny, then has sex with the Jane doe.

Penny is no where to be seen–Steve likely stowed her away in the fridge for a later exam, once he is promoted to tech after Pennies sudden and unexpected disappearance.

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