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Sexiest Double Homicide

“Sexiest Double Homicide” 
Starring Stormy and Alexandria
Directed by JohnM

2 women are excited about a party and are waiting for their ride to arrive. Both girls are taking short naps when a killer arrives. He attacks and snaps the neck of one girl then heads over to the other sleeping woman. He climbs on the bed with her, snuggling with her. She wakes, he kills her too with a twist of her neck. The killer dishevels both girls clothing, exposing there pretty parts, then leaves.

CSI arrives and processes the scene.

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Morgue Lust

“Morgue Lust”
Starring Alisha Adams and Tia
Directed by JohnM

The coroner is training a new morgue employee today. Tia is a young and eager recent graduate. The short brunette hangs off the coroner’s every word as he unzips Alisha’s body from the bag. The coroner can do an autopsy with his eyes closed at this point, but he needs to slow down and explain each step in detail. He hopes Tia appreciates this.

As the coroner cuts off Alisha’s clothes he can’t help but think that Tia is staring at the dead girl’s tits. It might be nice to have a fellow freak working at the morgue, he thinks. The coroner snaps photographs of the body and shows Tia the proper order to conduct the tests. He senses Tia growing excited as he points out the bruising around Alisha’s vagina.

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Dead Nurse Daizy

“Dead Nurse Daizy”

Starring Daizy Cooper

Directed by JohnM

Nate is not feeling great. His most recent sexual encounter was extremely underwhelming, to the point where he’s sought medical help. Luckily, his nurse is the cute and gregarious Nurse Daizy. She runs him through a gamut of the usual tests, but realizes she’ll need to get unorthodox to get to the root of this problem. Taking her patient’s throbbing member in her tiny hands, she strokes his tenderly with a big smile on her face. Nate is stunned when Nurse Daizy licks him from the base of his ball bag, up his veiny shaft, and all the way to his leaking tip!

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Military Solution

“Military Solution”

Starring Ember Stone

Directed by JohnM

Loyal troop Private Will Pounder is back on leave and getting a thorough medical exam. It’s clear he needs some rest and relaxation, but unfortunately he’s due back for another tour right away. Nurse Ember is sympathetic to the hunky soldier and does everything in her power to help him unwind.

Under the auspices of making sure PTSD hasn’t shellshocked Will’s privates, Ember gets on her knees and pulls down Will’s fatigues. His schlonger looks healthy enough, and after caressing it with her gloved hand, it proves to be fully functional!

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Fatal Passion

“Fatal Passion”

Starring Melissa Moore

Directed by JohnM

Aaron’s job requires him to get a company physical before he starts and they’ve sent over their sexiest nurse to put him at ease. Unfortunately, this has just the opposite effect, because he tends to get very nervous around pretty girls. As a consequence, he hasn’t been touched in a very long time. Even with sweaty palms and a racing heart, Melissa’s skilled hands touching his chest and legs give him a raging boner. When the naughty nurse gets a look at that thick, throbbing pole, she just knows that she needs a taste.

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Bad Girl’s Club

“Bad Girls’ Club”
Starring Penny Lay & Norah Nova
Directed by JohnM

Dr. Penny Lay is one of the new interns at a major, teaching hospital, trying to fit in. She seems to hit it off with a number of the doctors and nurses at the facility, but when meets with Dr. John and Nurse Nova, they make her an indecent proposal that gets her panties sopping wet. If she will engage in an obscene three-way with them, they will make her one of the inside elite within the hospital, with an inside track to the best assignments and most lucrative opportunities.

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Nurse’s Orders

“Nurse’s Orders”

Starring Nickey Huntsman

Mr. Wild is a very busy man in the high pressure world of finance, working long hours and making million dollar deals. Worried that his stressful lifestyle could be taking toll on his health, a partner in the company has taken it upon himself to hire a nurse to come by his office. Mr. Wild is annoyed at having to take time out of his busy schedule, but starts to change his mind once he sees the young woman, in her crisp, white uniform. Sexy Nurse Nickey, in white high heels and sheer, white stockings, looks good enough to eat, so the businessman readily agrees to an exam.

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Risky Secret

“Risky Secret”

Starring Moka Mora

Directed by JohnM

Mr. John is a busy and powerful executive, with meetings and business deals taking up the majority of his day. Today, however, he is sitting in the doctor’s office, his three-piece, Italian suit traded in for a thin hospital gown. Thinking of all the work he needs to get done today, he impatiently waits for the doctor, wondering how long this is going to take. Those thoughts are temporarily derailed, when he sees Dr. Mora walk in. The gorgeous, young physician, even primly dressed in a her long, white coat, thick framed glasses and a stethoscope draped around her neck, causes the blood to drain from the executive’s brain and flood to his cock, making it stand at attention.

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Sudden Complication

“Sudden Complication”

Starring Casey Calvert

Directed by JohnM

Eric has a doctor’s appointment for a routine physical, but he knows that, at his age, a prostate exam will be a part of it. To make matters even worse, the nurse taking care of him is hot, young, tight-bodied Casey Calvert. That may explain the prominent erection poking out from beneath his hospital gown, but he’s just going to blame it on nerves. Yeah, I always get erections when I’m embarrassed, too. As if.

Snapping on her latex gloves, she tells him to bend over, before poking the old ‘tate and asking him to cough. Once that is done, she needs to examine his junk. There are no visible lesions or palpable masses, but these give very little information on the function of the genitourinary system. The nurse tells Eric that an oral exam will be needed and then wraps her sexy lips around his pink monster, sucking and slobbering over it like a trained professional.

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Everyday Stresses

“Everyday Stresses”

Starring Stella Cox


Mr. John is stressed. I mean, isn’t everyone in America? With the current SCROTUS (So-Called Representative of the United States), over half the country is on edge. Luckily for Mr. John, help is on the way. Help in the form of a sexy nurse. In her crisp, white, nurse’s uniform and sheer, white stockings, Stella is making a house call to see if she can help.

At first, Mr. John is reluctant to discuss his problem with the pretty, young nurse, but her persistence finally reveals what the issue is. His normal method of stress relief is a good, old fashioned orgasm, but he’s so stressed, he can’t even get it up. Stella tells him not to worry; she’s handled cases like this before.

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