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Frightful Housecall

“Frightful Housecall”
Starring Norah Nova

Bashful Norah asks Dr. John if he would make a house call and give her a private examination because she is so nervous about exposing herself to other people. Dr. John is more than willing to assist the delightful and seductive Norah and giving her body a full look over including her perky tits and tight ass.

Dr. John runs his hands along her breasts and finds them stationed at her warm pussy, “Doctor what are you doing?” Norah questions him. But he assures her this is all part pf his very thorough protocol.

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Flopping and Fucking Fun

STARRING: Zoey Laine, Miles, and Wyatt

Miles and Wyatt have a regular checkup on a heavily sedated Zoey who has been staying in the psych ward.

They start by taking her gown off and checking each joint along her body for mechanical injuries, admiring her beautiful body along the way.

They flop her about, seeing as she is so sedated she offers no responses when a brilliant idea comes to Miles, as he starts playing with her soft pussy.

As Miles starts to finger her faster and deeper, he decides it is time for a nice warm blowjob.

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The After Hours Clinic

STARRING: Blue, Mia, London, Maizee, and Javier

It’s been a long day at the office and janitor Javier is finishing up his cleaning routine in one of the examination rooms. He never has any fun though, he decides. He puts on a lab coat and grabs a stethoscope. Dr. Javier at your service!

All of a sudden four women burst into the room, complaining of breathing and coughing problems. He’s caught off guard and soon he is examining them all with his stethoscope. He has just the cure, he’s going to give them all a hit of oxygen. They all take a turn breathing in the clearing fumes, but what they do not realize is that this is not oxygen, but a sleep agent, that slowly knocks all of them out one by one, their bodies flopping onto the floor and around the room.

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The Doctor Who Wasn’t

STARRING: Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

Rachel has set up an appointment with Dr. Lovetongue to take a look at some pains she is having in her stomach. He puts on a pair of gloves and begins inspecting her stomach and testing for pain points and tenderness. He asks her about her diet and checks her pulse.

He decides that she will need to be under anesthetic gas so that he can make sure that her kidneys are functioning properly. He sets up the machine and puts a mask over her mouth and begins putting her under. She counts down from ten and before she hits “two” she is out like a light.

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