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Prescription for Sex

STARRING: Ivy Aura and Miles

Nurse Ivy stumbles into an exam room where a patient is jerking off. She is so turned on she can’t walk away and decides to help him.

Soon she is taking off her scrubs and they start kissing and fucking on the examination table.

Rock fingers her and then beds her over his face so he can eat her soft pussy.

She opens her mouth wide taking the whole cock and deep throating it, and then rock lifts her up slowly lowering her tight pussy onto his thick cock.

She rides his cock and then he picks her up and carries her over to the counter and fucks her on her back.

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Code Blue

STARRING: Rachel James and Rock

Rachel is in Intensive Care, an oxygen mask over her face, her body hooked up to an EKG monitor, her heart rate seemingly normal. She is naked, a blanket covering her lower torso. She stirs quietly, her mind active.

Without warning she enters Code Blue a nurse running and checking her vitals. He unlocks a defibrillator and shocks her heart, his resolve a little shattered. After several tries her vitals have somewhat stabilized. He attaches a breathing apparatus and pumping oxygen through her throat. He shocks her again, and again, the results not to his satisfaction.

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Heart Rhythms

STARRING: Rachel James, Javier Lovetongue, and Dr. Wood

Rachel James is lying on a gurney with various medical tubs and apparatuses attached to her, stripped of all her clothes. She lays there in silence as machine beep and she tries to recover from the trauma she has suffered.

Dr. Javier enters to check her vitals. Her heart rate starts to elevate and he becomes concerned. Dr. Wood enters and they check her pupils, which are dilated.

This is not going well! She starts to flatline and the doctors rush to her side. They check her pulse and use a defibrillator on her chest. Her heart is still beating fast. They charge the defibrillator high and shock her again and again and again. They are losing her and need a miracle!

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Resuscitation, Strangle, Necro

“Resuscitation, Strangle, Necro” 
Starring Solara
Directed by JohnM

NOTE:  Re-Encoded for FULL 1920X1080 HD

A teenage girl is in seizures   The on staff nurse and doctor do everything they can for the girl—CPR, manual compressions and respiration, and defibrillation.

It works.  She is stabilized and resting.

Later, the doctor comes back.  The girl is sedated and resting.  So, he starts having a look.  He kisses her, rubs  and fondles her.

Suddenly, she wakes up.  He grabs some surgical tubing and wraps it tightly around her throat to silence her.  She struggles viciously and for a long while.  Finally, she is dead and he can do whatever he wants to her.

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Defibrillator Lust

STARRING: Madison Chandler and Alisha Adams

A girl is recovering in the hospital. The nurse pulls back the sheet to find her masturbating. She is intrigued by this and starts fondling the patient. Soon, she is rubbing her, sucking her tits and licking her pussy. The girl wants her to use the defibrillator on her, so the nurse does.

When the girl becomes unresponsive after the shock, the girls fondles and touches her for a while, then shocks her again to bring her back. They do this a few times and are really turned on. They start doing more, and eventually the nurse is 69’ing with the patient.

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Time Called – Trinity

STARRING: Trinity St. Clair

A college student is on the phone with her mom, getting advise about normal teenage concerns when she collapses. The EMT’s arrive and assess her. She is non-responsive, so they set up and IV and hook her up for vital monitoring. They get her down on the floor and start manual compressions and CPR.

After a while, they use the defibrillator on her. After several attempts, switching between manual CPR and the defibrillator, they gain a pulse and she is responsive.

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