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CPR at HOME – Trixi

STARRING: Trixi and Madison Chandler

Trixi gets fired from her job over the phone. She collapses Her sister, Madison finds her and does CPR to try to revive her.

FETISH ELEMENTS: CPR, MTM (Mouth to Mouth), Partial Stripping, Body Views

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

PKF Studios adheres to USC 2257 record keeping requirements.

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Death of Mother & Daughter

STARRING: Solara and Savanna

A woman is experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. After a while, her daughter comes to her aid and helps her to the couch. They call 911.

The EMT’s arrive to assess the mother. During this tine, she goes into cardiac arrest and soon codes out. They get her to the floor and start working on her. The daughter is freaking out.

After a while, the daughter, over-stresses, also codes. One of the EMT’s works on her while the other EMT works on the mother.

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Resuscitation at the Office #4

STARRING: Stormy Evans, Alisha Adams, Ivy, Tegan and Trixxi

In this education video, a woman at the office starts choking. Her coworkers try to help her, but she eventually starts passing out.

They lay her up on her desk and she becomes unresponsive. They panic, try CPR, but eventually another co-worker who knows more helps them out. They give her CPR for a while, then use the AED. Eventually, there is nothing more they can do for her and they all go out to wait for medics to arrive.

Some time has past. She is still laying dead on her desk. A janitor comes by. Seeing that no one is looking, he picks up the body and carries her off for his own purposes.

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Christmas Resus Necro

STARRING: Melody Jordan

A young woman is chatting on the phone with a friend. It is Christmas time and she is very excited and happy. After a while she begins to experience discomfort in her left art, then tightening of her chest. Eventually, she collapse, still on the phone. Her friend calls 911.

The paramedics arrive and begin assessment. She is coded. They cut off her shirt and begin CPR and manual chest compressions. After a while they use the AED and eventually revive her.

At the hospital, the doctor checks her out, hooks her to the monitor and has her sit up so she can assess her more.

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Nurses Play to Death #1

STARRING: Nikki Phoenix

A sexy nurse and her friend are at the hospital late at night playing in one of the non-used rooms. First, Pepper is hooked up to the monitor and Trixie experiments with stimulation including giving Pepper intense oral until her heartbeat is racing.

Then, it is Trixie’s turn. Pepper gently works her way down Trixie’s body, then goes to town, rubbing her pussy and bringing her to an orgasm. The monitor is beeping like crazy, but slows down when she stops and Trixie is catching her breath.

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Time Called – Trinity

STARRING: Trinity St. Clair

A college student is on the phone with her mom, getting advise about normal teenage concerns when she collapses. The EMT’s arrive and assess her. She is non-responsive, so they set up and IV and hook her up for vital monitoring. They get her down on the floor and start manual compressions and CPR.

After a while, they use the defibrillator on her. After several attempts, switching between manual CPR and the defibrillator, they gain a pulse and she is responsive.

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