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Gone Too Soon

“Gone Too Soon”
Starring Scarlet Skies
Directed by JohnM

HD and 4K Versions Available

A surprising day for the morgue tech. Usually, the bodies he receives are victims of accidents from the nearby industrial facility, but today, it looks like he has a student from the nearby school. Poor girl, so young, in her pretty summer top–bottoms seem to be missing along with her footwear. And even more, the way she died….bruising on her neck—curious.

He starts in exam in the normal way, donning his gloves and starting with photos. It is clear she has not been dead long, 5-6 hours at most. He takes photos while looking her over. He cuts off her top, exposing her breasts with perky nipples. He then cuts off her panties. He takes her temperature, confirming his earlier guess. Then he uses the black light to look through her hair and examine the rest of her body meticulously-rolling her on her side to get at all regions. He scrapes under her nails, hoping for evidence that might point to her killer. Such a tragedy; murders were rare in his area, but for a recent uptick. The poor girl, she still had braces and now, would never be able to show off her beautiful teeth.

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