Lustful Exam

“Lustful Exam”
Starring Jenny and Annica

Pulling back the shoot reveals a deceived woman, Asian, young, with braces. She is in a mismatched bra and panty set and there is blood on her belly still fresh and leaking after she was murdered by her boyfriend hours earlier.

Annica take photos of the victim from all angles. She puts a toe tag on her, and begins the examination.

First she cuts her bra off, then checks the body, feeling her breasts, rolling her, and doing a basic exam. She combs though her hair, then swabs her mouth, looking for any evidence. Then she scrapes her nails.

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Sexiest Double Homicide

“Sexiest Double Homicide” 
Starring Stormy and Alexandria
Directed by JohnM

2 women are excited about a party and are waiting for their ride to arrive. Both girls are taking short naps when a killer arrives. He attacks and snaps the neck of one girl then heads over to the other sleeping woman. He climbs on the bed with her, snuggling with her. She wakes, he kills her too with a twist of her neck. The killer dishevels both girls clothing, exposing there pretty parts, then leaves.

CSI arrives and processes the scene.

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