Contessa In The Morgue

“Contessa In The Morgue”
Starring Contessa
Directed by JohnM

Contessa lies lifeless on a cold metal table in the morgue. The coroner needs to remove her layers of clothes before performing his examination. It goes normally at first, collecting the requisite samples, but he seems to take a special interest in Contessa’s tight pussy.

With the exam concluded, he is free to have a little fun. Contessa’s snatch feels tight around his gloved finger, but he wonders if he can squeeze his big cock in there. It takes some effort, but it’s well worth the reward! He can barely stifle his moans as he fills Contessa’s dead cunt with his hot cum. He’d better clean up that DNA evidence before one of his colleagues discovers it!

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You’re Not Leaving The Morgue

“You’re Not Leaving the Morgue”
Starring Mona Wales, Miles, and Alexander
Directed by JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD

Mona is a nurse whose skirt rests extra high today. Miles is the morgue tech. It should’ve all been a normal day at work, but Mona didn’t realize the examination table was empty because her body wasn’t on it yet.

While Mona is talking on her cellphone, Miles grabs a some extra embalming hose. Its strong enough for Miles to wrap around Mona’s neck, holding tight as she squirms and tries to fight back. She kicks, screams, and gasps for air, but her efforts can’t stop Miles’ iron grip from pulling so tight her eyes and tongue swell out from her head.

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Stella in the Morgue

“Stella in the Morgue” 
Starring Stella
Directed by JohnM

A young woman is in the morgue.  She has a gunshot wound beneath her cute summer dress. She is cold and pale as the medical examiner proceeds.

He takes photos intermittently as he does his work.  He cuts off her dress, exposing a clean bullet hold in her chest to the lower right of her left breast.  She probably died quickly, bleeding out internally.

He processes her body…taking finger prints and swabs, looking her over until he is satisfied he has collected all he can for evidence and logging purposes.  He leaves.

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