Amber Morgue

“Amber Morgue” 
Starring Amber

A gunshot victim lies in the morgue.  Poor girl, just a teenager in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The tech observed her body, making notes on his laptop.  Her clothes are cut off.  Her wound is examined.  She is thoroughly looked over, sat up, rolled on her side. Her pussy is checked and swabbed.   The UV is used.

Eventually, as one does, the tech takes a few late night liberties with the pretty corpse.  With all data logged, he can remove his gloves and feel her still yielding flesh.  Cold it my be, but still she is a pretty girl, and he will take advantage at this late hour, with the cameras off.

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Morgue Story I

“Morgue Story I”
Starring Alexandria
Directed by JohnM

NOTE:  Re-Encoded for FULL 1920X1080 HD

From your point of view, you walk into a darkened office with following the beam of your flashlight.  Turn the corner.  A body.  A woman, bent over a desk.   You do a walk around, all the while following the beam of light on her deceased form.  There was a struggle.  Stuff strewn about.  She was assaulted.  She was strangled.  She was raped.  You shine the light on her bare behind, following it down, her panties and pantyhose pulled down–one show off, a foot bent at an odd angle.  Cum still glistening on her pussy.

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