Nightmare Doctor

“Nightmare Doctor”

Starring Emma Scarlett & Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

This doctor is overbooked! When two sexy patients are scheduled at the same time, they both demand the doctor’s attention. He does his best to juggle the simultaneous examinations, but is evidently better at juggling their beautiful boobs. When these two ladies get overheated by the doctor’s deft touch, they grab ahold of the man’s hot and hard caduceus and this doctor’s visit devolves into a hardcore orgy.

The threesome drool and moan, hands and tongues exploring each other’s most intimate parts, as they reenact their own version of the human centipede. But once they’ve reached their steamy, creamy conclusion, the doctor changes from a caring physician to a raging maniac! Attacking both of the naked nymphos, he brutally strangles them, watching the terror in their faces as the life is choked from them and leaving their ravaged bodies spread across the couch like the discarded cadavers he had dissected in medical school. So much for the Hippocratic Oath!

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