Olga Departed

“Olga Departed”

Starring Olga & Alice Whyte

Directed by JohnM

Dr. Whyte draws back the thin, cotton sheet, revealing the petite, blonde girl, and  begins her forensic examination. After taking photos of her body, she strips the seductive beauty of all of her clothing, her pale and slender body on display. Next, she shines a UV light over the bruised corpse of the girl, looking for evidence of bodily fluids. The dead girl’s nails are scraped and a comb run through her golden hair, all to obtain evidence that may provide a clue to her untimely demise. Her slender body is rolled and flipped, vagina spread open and swabbed, her mouth probed. Once she gets on the stainless steel table, she is no longer a human; she is just another piece of evidence and treated as such.

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