Predisposed to Death

“Predisposed to Death”

Starring Lea Lexus

Directed by JohnM

Lea has a rockin’, sexy bod, but she works hard at it. Hours spent at the gym, jogging in the morning and keeping herself limber with yoga take up much of her time. This wouldn’t be all that strange, except for the fact that a heart condition runs in her family, something that makes it a risk for her to engage in these activities. One might say that she has a predisposition to death.

She’s working out one morning, skin-tight yoga pants and sports bra hugging every sensuous curve of her feminine form, when she feels the pain in her chest. A desperate call to 911 is all she has time for before she falls, unconscious, to the floor. The first EMT on the scene bursts through the door and races to her side. He starts performing CPR, but it’s an exhausting process and he’s only one man. After several cycles go by and she remains unresponsive, even after he has stripped her completely naked, he starts to wonder how long he can continue without assistance. Can he keep up the backbreaking work of basic life support long enough to save Lea’s life or will this be the last day of her life?

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