Time of Death

“Time of Death”
Starring Violet Monroe, Olive

“I’m here to help!” the EMT announces upon walking inside the house. “Who called?” but he stops short when he sees both beauties are laying on the living room floor with very shallow breath.

“Oh no!” the EMT thinks as he springs into immediate action rushing to the ladies side checking their pulse and starting with the faintest beat first which happened to be Olive. The EMT begins chest compression and tilts her head back before breathing life back into her.

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Starring Violet Monroe and Olive 

Directed by JohnM

Olive’s roommate, Violet, comes home early to find Olive sprawled out on the living room floor face down, “oh my—Olive! Are you okay?!?” Violet shrieks rushing to her side and flipping her body over. Violet checks her pulse and though it’s weak, she has one!

Violet, panicked to say the least, tries her best to recollect the CPR skills she learned from high school lifeguard days. Tilting Olive’s head back Violet gives deep breathes of air and begins chest compressions. Violet is distraught, “come on Olive,” she pleads.

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Dual Departure

“Dual Departure”
Starring Icy Jones and Contessa
Directed by JohnM

Dr. McDaniels is in the morgue, examining two young beauties, Ivy and Contessa, who have passed away seemingly through strangulation by the red mark around their necks. First, toe tags are places after being undresses and photographs are taken first of Contessa and her warm sugar brown skin and perky tits then of the milky skinned goddess, Ivy, with her large tits and hard nipples.

Next, Dr. MCDaniels moves on to sample taking part of his exam. Moving her body carefully, squeezing their tits and lifting their legs and spreading her pussy for examination, he probes and swabs all of her orifices, preping samples for the lab.

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Fun and Done

“Fun and Done”
Starring Olive and MaX CoXXX

MaX comes into his bedroom to discover his girlfriend Olive is unresponsive having passed out wide-eyed and naked on the bed, MaX isn’t even sure she’s alive. Her check for a pulse but doesn’t feel a thing, but with her seductive body on full display, her boyfriend MaX cannot control his urges when he see’s her perky tits and shaved puss.

MaX grab’s her arms and flops them back and fourth a little before pushing her torso up a couple times and watching her large juicy tits bounce as she fell back to the mattress. Next MaX flops her over and pats her ass as she flops over to the side. He rolls her body over and begins to lick her sugar puss getting it nice and juicy for his big cock.

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She Need’s Help

“She Needs Help”
Starring Melissa Moore
Directed by JohnM

This perfectly fit young specimen is clad in her blue tank and tight black leggings getting her morning yoga stretches started. She leans into her foot giving her legs a nice warm stretch and getting her blood flowing with her perky tits on display as she forgot to put on her bra for the day.

Next, Melissa is ready to begin her exercise and starts with some basic jumping-jacks raising her arms over head and getting some jumps in, suddenly, you hear Melissa gasping for air reaching towards her heart and collapsing with a thud as her petite body hit the floor.

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Anna’s Gone

 “Anna’s Gone” 

Starring Anna de Ville, Birdie 

Inside a plastic body bag lies a young woman, cut down in the prime of her youth, now in the county morgue to determine what happened to her. The medical examiner begins by doing an external observation first, but with no obvious cause of death forthcoming, he starts to disrobe her. Sliding her short skirt dress overhead exposing her silky earth toned lingerie. Next, her bra is removed containing a firm, perky pair of tits. All the while, Dr. Birdie, records the various facets of what was once an active and vivacious existence.

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Futile Attempt

“Futile Attempt”

Starring Olive, Emma Scarlett

Directed by JohnM

The two ravishing beauties Olive and Emma have just come back to their apartment with their new boy toy Turbo and they’re dancing and laughing the night away. Pulling Turbo to the couch, “Yahoo!” they squeal as they raise their silky smooth legs and spread them for a quick lacy panty shot. “Wait wait! This party isn’t over!” Olive declares jumping up from the couch and Emma follows her lead.

The girls are dancing and having fun flashing their tits and popping that ass out, “shake it!” encourages Olive. Emma is happily dancing with Olive when suddenly she grabs her chest and heaves in dropping to the floor!

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Final Farewell

“Final Farewell”
Starring Ivy Jones and Contessa

In the cold, antiseptic air of the morgue, a white bodybag lies on a stainless steel examining table. Inside is a beautiful corpse. A slim girl, maybe in her twenties, her clothes disheveled. A flower print halter covers her top, her skirt has ridden up to reveal her plain panties. A single abrasion, angry red in the center of her forehead is the only visible clue to her ultimate demise. The med tech, familiar with her job, first moves and stretches all of the body’s limbs to undo the rigor mortis that had set in. Next, she carefully removes all of the girl’s clothes, leaving her naked on the cold, metal table.

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A Sexy Tragedy

“A Sexy Tragedy”

Starring Ivy Jones and Contessa

Directed by JohnM

Ivy has come home for the day and she slips into something more comfortable reaching for her deep purple silk robe. This tall sexy blonde decides to finish her workout for the day and adds in a little extra stretching.

Ivy’s phone rings, it’s her roommate Contessa who calls letting her know she is on her way home with her day wrapping up early, “nice! I’ll see you soon!” Ivy says with a smile slipping out of her robe.

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