Unwelcome Drama

“Unwelcome Drama”
Starring CK
Directed by JohnM


CK is talking on the phone lamenting with her friend over the sad state of her brother, “I mean I’m not one to complain but he does NOTHING! I think he’s starting to blend in with the couch!”

Suddenly, CK reaches for her throat and is gasping for air as she drops to the ground and her body starts convulsing—she’s having a heart attack!

Minding his own business and coming out to the living room to watch a little TV, CK’s brother Flash notices her body sprawled out on the floor.

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Lost without You

“Lost without You”
Starring Lily Labeau


On a grey sunday afternoon Lily and her boyfriend, John, are sitting on the couch talking about their life and the direction they are going. Lily admits she has been sad for a while even though she knows things are pretty smooth sailing.

Then all of a sudden she has a severe seizure and doubles over with her head falling into John’s lap.

“Honey! Are you okay?!? What’s going on?” John asks panicked as he lowers her body onto the floor starting chest compressions.

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Death by Dick

“Death by Dick”
Starring Ember Stone
Directed by JohnM


We open on Ember’s body strewn on the floor and John, her patient, is trying his best to save her. Ember is lucky and comes back to sitting up and asking what happened, “I just saved your life,” John explains.

Ember is so grateful to John for his life saving help, “I don’t ever know how I can repay you!”

“Uh, I can think of a way,” John asserts grabbing his cock.”I know I was giving you CPR but the mouth-to-mouth really did something to me,” he divulges.

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Exam Gone Wrong

“Exam Gone Wrong”
Starring Ember Stone
Directed by JohnM


Nurse Ember has been called for a special house visit to long time patient, John. Ember arrives at the house fully prepared for the examination but John has a different idea as he is stroking his cock most the exam.

“Open your mouth for me,” Ember requests. “But I would rather have you open your mouth for me,” John teases.

Ember continues with the exam checking his temperature, heart rate and his basic vision and John is persistent trying to coax Ember to be a little more naughty than she is appearing to be, but she isn’t budging.

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