Her Life Cut Short

Med Tech Training 47

Starring Ashley Lane and Birdie


Another day, another body in the morgue. As the blue sheet is pulled back, we see an attractive, young female, still in her tight swimsuit, now dead from a diving accident. Her body is so tight and toned that the female medical examiner can’t help but be impressed. She dons a pair of latex gloves and begins moving the cadaver’s limbs around, loosening them up for a more thorough exam. The ME moves the girl’s body around, posing it like a life-sized doll, as she peels the one-piece swimsuit off of her luscious and curvy body. At last, her corpse lies naked, the full mounds of her breasts, her bald pussy and clitoral piercing fully exposed and photographed.

Every inch of her skin is scrutinized for clues about her life, and death. What used to be the most intimate parts of her are now poked and prodded, without thought to the dignity she may have once received. Blades scrape underneath her fingernails, a clamp holds and stretches her tongue far out of her mouth, metal instruments used on her most sensitive places. All the while, her naked corpse lies unmoving throughout the very thorough examination. All her findings recorded, the ME leaves, letting the techs do what they need to to prepare the body for autopsy. At the end, we see her nude and sutured form still and cold on the stainless steel metal table.

After her autopsy Ashley is brought back to her original examination room and Dr. Birdie looks her over one more time before covering the body.


Fetish Elements:(SC) Morgue, Body Fondling, Body Flopping, Relieving Rigor, Measuring, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Fingernail Scraping, Pussy Swabbing, Mouth Swabbing, Breast Exam, Tongue Examination, Breast Fluid Extraction, Foot Views, Body Views, Limp Fetish, Medical Fetish, CSI, Body Inspection, Medical Clinic, Stripping, Role Play

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