4th Time’s a Charm

STARRING: Nikki Phoenix

A young woman is coding in her hospital bed. The doctor quickly comes in and saves her with the defibrillator. Later, as she is resting, her disgruntled ex-boyfriend, who’s earlier attempt to kill her put her in the hospital, arrives to finish the job.

Disguised as a doctor, he walks right into her room and inject arsenic in her IV line. She instantly goes into deadly spasms that won’t subside. So, after a while, he places a pillow over her head and suffocates her as the poison is racing through her. When she is finally still, he goes to leave.

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Throat Slice Morgue


Jenny is a fresh body just delivered to the morgue in a plastic bodybag. Javier is the night janitor, come to clean the room. He finds this beautiful specimen all alone and decides to help himself, even though he’s not supposed to touch the bodies.

He slips her out of the plastic and lays her on the counter where he proceeds to strip her and fondle her body, exposing her pussy and tits before fucking her throat with his big cock. He cums hard down her throat and decides that he should put away his little doll before anyone finds out!

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The Doctor is in!

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