Life and Death I

“Life and Death I”
Starring Jessika
Directed By JohnM

NOTE:  Re-Encoded for FULL 1920X1080 HD


Jessika was young, innocent.  What she had in enthusiasm and intelligence, she lacked elsewhere in common sense.  And that is why she would be dead soon.

Frantically, she came home, calling for her parents, her younger sister.  They were nowhere to be found.  Strange–they should be home.  In her parents bedroom, she picks up the phone and calls her friend.  She is scared.  She interviewed the mayor today for the school paper.  He told her something.  Something he shouldn’t have.

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Fuck Her Corpse 3

“Fuck Her Corpse 3”
Special Agent
Starring Jizzabelle
Directed by JohnM

Note: Re-encoded to FULL 1920X1080 HD. 


Special Agent Monicka Marshall has infiltrated the Sandle Corporation and confronts it’s owner who is a known weapons dealer. He gets the jump on her, shooting her several times until she is finally dead. He fucks her bloody body hard on his desk. Later, he visits her in the morgue to find out who she was and decided to examine her more thoroughly while he is there.

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Starring Heidi Robbins
Directed by JohnM

The morgue tech heard the rumors but could not believe they were true.  An outbreak of some sort was causing havoc all over the city and rumors were…well, a bit strange.  A fresh corpse awaited him in the morgue and he was determined to find out.

Behind the quarentine curtain was the petit body of a young women.  Gunshot victim. Sealed in plastic.  He moved her to the exam table and tore the plastic covering her face.  My god—it was a girl he knew from the coffee shop down the street.  He was planning to ask her out.

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Mary’s Deadly Malaise

“Mary’s Deadly Malaise”

Starring Mary Jane

Directed by JohnM

Mary Jane isn’t feeling well. She’s been lying sick on the couch all day. Feeling like she needs to get up for a glass of water, she finds herself growing increasingly dizzy. She grabs her head and collapses to the floor. Her boyfriend hears the commotion and rushes in to find his lover out cold! Can he save her?

He rushes to pump fresh air into her lungs and restart her heart, performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and pounding on her bosomy chest. He even strips her nude, to try to get a better contact on her soft, clammy flesh. His love’s life hangs in the balance. Is he man enough to snatch her back from the jaws of death?

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She Was Fierce

“She Was Fierce”

Starring Shavelle Love

Directed by JohnM

In the morgue, Agent Love lies dead, her death a senseless one as she never did get the evidence she needed. Aaron, a lonely morgue tech, sets her shoes down on the cold steel table, as he stares at her beautiful corpse. Flexing her limbs, he preps her for her final probing, breaking the rigidness of her rigor mortis. He puts her heels on and looks over her body, spreading her legs wide open to touch her tasty pussy longingly.

Turning her head towards him, he pulls out his cock and pumps it into her throat, blood still on her chin. His cock throbs for her, with her supermodel looks, even dead, she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Getting on the table he pushes himself between her legs, fucking her rigid body as he holds her cold legs. His warm meat is tingles by the chill of her flesh until finally his cock explodes inside her, and her body falls still as he withdraws, leaving his seed to follow her to her final resting place.

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Dead Nurse Daizy

“Dead Nurse Daizy”

Starring Daizy Cooper

Directed by JohnM

Nate is not feeling great. His most recent sexual encounter was extremely underwhelming, to the point where he’s sought medical help. Luckily, his nurse is the cute and gregarious Nurse Daizy. She runs him through a gamut of the usual tests, but realizes she’ll need to get unorthodox to get to the root of this problem. Taking her patient’s throbbing member in her tiny hands, she strokes his tenderly with a big smile on her face. Nate is stunned when Nurse Daizy licks him from the base of his ball bag, up his veiny shaft, and all the way to his leaking tip!

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Daizy’s Sudden Death

“Daizy’s Sudden Death”

Starring Daizy Cooper

Directed by JohnM

Nate the EMT just got home from a long, hard day of savin’ lives. Daizy, his lovely ebony tart of a girlfriend is feeling extra hyper this evening. After the requisite asking him how his day went, she jumps from the couch to show him some funky dance moves she learned. Nate doesn’t care much for the dance routine, but he can always appreciate Daizy’s big brown booty shaking around in front of his face. Suddenly, the silly fun turns deadly serious when Daizy clutches her chest and collapses to the floor!

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Killing Around Town

“Killing Around Town”

Starring Alana

Directed by JohnM

Someone has been committing murder around the town. The victim is a beautiful, young woman, as usual. When the medical examiner does his examination, he find no evidence of sexual assault, but he can fix that. Everyone knows that the police will be under more pressure to solve these crimes if the victims were both raped and murdered. Pulling out his cock, he sighs and thinks, “Looks like it’s time to ‘plant’ some evidence.” He fingers the corpse’s cunt nice and hard, before face fucking her slack mouth and blowing a load of sperm all over her huge tits. Being a medical examiner is not always an easy job, but this man has a passion for the work.

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Starring Angelina Diamanti, Kyaa, & Ember Stone

Three sexy young professional women have gotten together to tackle their shared dilemma: they are unable to achieve an orgasm! Completely clueless on how to manipulate their own gorgeous vaginas, they’ve asked a female orgasm specialist, Dr. October, to come and give them some much needed instruction. The good doctor diligently points out the clitoris and offers some basic guidelines for the girls to try out on themselves and each other.

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Lifeless Play

“Lifeless Play”

Starring Mary Jane & Stella Marie

Directed by JohnM

Nurse Stella can’t decide what she wants to do. Should she film an instructional video on how to perform CPR or should she make a masturbation video where she strips naked and rubs her wet cunt until she cums. Why not do both? After all, she has a great camera, not to mention the naked corpse of a smoking hot, big titted slut. After performing CPR on her luscious, dead body, Stella drags her back on the bed and gropes those soft fun bags, while stuffing her fingers into her tight pussy, grinding her stiff clit, to a hot, necro orgasm. Stella knows that it’s good to diversify.

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Morgues and Medical Movies

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