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Life and Death I

“Life and Death I”
Starring Jessika
Directed By JohnM

NOTE:  Re-Encoded for FULL 1920X1080 HD


Jessika was young, innocent.  What she had in enthusiasm and intelligence, she lacked elsewhere in common sense.  And that is why she would be dead soon.

Frantically, she came home, calling for her parents, her younger sister.  They were nowhere to be found.  Strange–they should be home.  In her parents bedroom, she picks up the phone and calls her friend.  She is scared.  She interviewed the mayor today for the school paper.  He told her something.  Something he shouldn’t have.

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Unethical Exam

“Unethical Exam”

Starring Audrey Holiday

The patient walks in and awkwardly changes into the exam gown. He hates going to the doctor and is only here because it’s required for his new job. The doctor comes in and he is glad she’s at least cute. He’s even more pleasantly surprised when, during the course of the examination, she keeps finding ways to get her little gloved hands on the fleshy member between his legs!

She puts his cock through a series of rigorous tests, before finally deciding to take it for a test drive. She strokes medicated lubricant up and down his shaft. The patient’s eyes bulge with surprise and excitement. He can’t believe it! The doctor takes of her glove, so she can feel the soft warmth of his meat. Hungrily, she opens her mouth and inhales the mighty erection, almost up to the hilt. Paying special attention to nurture the balls, the good doctor is able to quickly and efficiently collect a substantial sperm sample from her deliriously pleased patient.

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Guilty of Sin

“Guilty of Sin”

Starring Pepper Hart

MaX meets his new doctor. She’s a petite little ginger with cute glasses, named Dr. Pepper Hart. She asks him to change into the gown and then begins to check his vitals. Dr. Pepper’s initially cool demeanor soon warms and the two flirt in a friendly way as she goes about her exam. After checking MaX’s vitals, she puts her gloved hand under his gown to check his most vital organ. It doesn’t take long for the hand-on exam to turn into a hand-job… that quickly leads to Pepper bobbing her cute little head in her astonished patient’s lap!

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Stranger In The Clinic

“Stranger In The Clinic”

Starring Shavelle Love

It appears Max has drunkenly stumbled away from the party and straight into a medical clinic. Surprised that he was able to just walk in unquestioned, Max decides to go with it and dons an available doctor’s lab coat. To his astonishment, a drop-dead gorgeous patient named Shavelle walks in wearing nothing but a gown! She takes a seat on the table and waits expectantly for Max to start examining her.

Max can’t believe his good fortune. He does his best to act the part of Dr. Coxxx, clumsily inspecting Shavelle’s big tits with the stethoscope. Shavelle does raise an eyebrow at her physician’s unusual techniques, but eventually goes along with it. Dr. Coxxx wastes no time moving the inspection to Shavelle’s pussy and pretty little asshole. She is skeptical with the procedure, until he slides a lubed finger inside her and a wave of warm pleasure washes over her.

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Assassin Neutralized

“Assassin Neutralized”

Starring Verronica Kirei & Pepper Kester

Directed by JohnM

A sexy assassin, disguised as a nurse, stealthily enters a patient’s room and approaches the motionless figure on the bed. Intent on murdering the sleeping patient, she bends down to smother them, but is surprised by a flurry of motion. Throwing off her covers, the redheaded decoy explodes into action, grappling with  the would-be killer. As the redhead gets the upper hand, she wraps a garrote around the assassin’s throat choking the life from her. Toying with the woman, the decoy starts to grope the assassin’s breasts and rub her pussy, all while still strangling her. Unable to break free, and probably distracted by being sexually molested, she orgasms one last time and then dies. Mission accomplished.

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Healthcare Crisis

“Healthcare Crisis”

Starring Norah Nova

We catch MaX as he arrives at a doctor’s appointment. Dr. Norah enters to take check his vitals and he immediately notices her sexy body language. She is definitely friendly, and is sure to lean extra close to MaX or bend over to reveal her ass under her short skirt. After checking MaX’s organs, she puts her hand under his gown to check his most vital organ. She diagnoses MaX with chronically heavy balls. She will need to drain them immediately!

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No Cure For That

“No Cure For That”

Starring Christy Love

Directed by JohnM

Private Will Pounder is back at base after a grueling tour of duty. He’s getting a routine check-up from Dr. Christy Love and asks her to examine a nagging pain he’s been having in his leg. The exotically beautiful medic drops to her knees and runs her hands softly across Private Pounder’s thighs. He feels a distinct stirring in his camo fatigues. It seems Dr. Love can’t get a good read on the problem through the pants, she asks the loyal troop to drop trou and he complies happily.

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Punishment Fits The Crime

“Punishment Fit The Crime”

Starring Shavelle Love

MaX is at the local clinic for a check-up. He’s normally not much for doctor’s but his insurance company is forcing him to get a regular check-up. Shavelle the nurse enters to take some vitals before the doctor arrives. She is friendly, eventually putting MaX’s concerns at ease with her expert bedside manner. After checking MaX’s vitals, she puts her hand under his gown to make sure his reproductive organs are properly functioning. MaX can’t believe it!

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Irregular Checkup

“Irregular Checkup”

Starring Olive Glass

MaX is at the doctor’s office for a check-up. Olive the nurse enters to take some vitals before the doctor arrives. She is friendly, but professional. After checking MaX’s blood pressure and reflexes, she puts her hand up his gown to check his cock and balls!

The nurse notices his impressive grower and decides to put it through a quick performance test. She runs her little lubed hands up and down his shaft. Soon she can’t help herself and needs to get his cock in her mouth. Olive slurps on MaX’s meat like a professional, slowly stripping down to a white thong in order to visually stimulate her patient.

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Pleasure and Death

“Pleasure and Death”

Starring Moka Mora & Kate Kenzi

Directed by JohnM

Dr. Mora is a sexy specialist waiting for her next patient to arrive. Clad only in a skimpy robe, she doesn’t look the part of a typical MD, but she has valuable expertise all the same! Kate enters with a knock. Dr. Mora explains she needs to perform a thorough exam, so Kate strips and climbs onto the examination table.

Using her medical knowledge to diagnose Kate as suffering from an acute lack of orgasms, Dr. Mora slowly starts stroking her naked patient. She traces lines around Kate’s pretty pussy and squeezes her titties. This gets the intended reaction out of the patient, so the good Doctor strips out of her robe and begins licking hungrily at Kate’s throbbing clit!

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