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A Sexy Tragedy

“A Sexy Tragedy”

Starring Ivy Jones and Contessa

Directed by JohnM

Ivy has come home for the day and she slips into something more comfortable reaching for her deep purple silk robe. This tall sexy blonde decides to finish her workout for the day and adds in a little extra stretching.

Ivy’s phone rings, it’s her roommate Contessa who calls letting her know she is on her way home with her day wrapping up early, “nice! I’ll see you soon!” Ivy says with a smile slipping out of her robe.

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Frightful Housecall

“Frightful Housecall”
Starring Norah Nova

Bashful Norah asks Dr. John if he would make a house call and give her a private examination because she is so nervous about exposing herself to other people. Dr. John is more than willing to assist the delightful and seductive Norah and giving her body a full look over including her perky tits and tight ass.

Dr. John runs his hands along her breasts and finds them stationed at her warm pussy, “Doctor what are you doing?” Norah questions him. But he assures her this is all part pf his very thorough protocol.

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Proof is in the Panties

“Proof is in the Panties”
Starring Marilyn Moore

Marilyn and her boyfriend, Eric are prepping for a night out of sexy fun and she heads to her panty drawer for something enticing for later in the evening. But a hideous pair of bright pink panties Marilyn would never wear surface and she’s not having it.

“I knew you were cheating and this is the proof I needed!” Marilyn is distraught as she’s holding up the panties looking to her love for some reassurance.

But Eric isn’t doing this tango, “no, no, no Marilyn it is always something, I think you just conjure up things for excitement!”

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Acute MI

“Acute MI”
Starring Marilyn Moore
Directed by JohnM


Bratty, young Marilyn is arguing with her dad. “Fuck You!”, she exclaims as she begins to walk downstairs. Exasperated, Marilyn begins to feel faint as she nears the bottom. Then suddenly, Marilyn loses contentiousness and falls down the bottom stairs. She lands and lays there nearly lifeless with her legs spread. Her dad, hearing the thud, comes quickly to her aid. He assesses the situation and begins with rescue breaths. Then he begins compressions. He cycles through the breaths and compressions desperately attempting to save his daughter’s life.

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Sudden Occlusion

“Sudden Occlusion”
Starring Norah Riley
Directed by MaX CoXXX


Young Norah is sitting at her dining room table after breakfast reading a magazine when she starts feeling a tingling, pins and needles feeling in her right arm when she looks down as grasps her chest. “What is happening” Norah thinks as she begins to gasp for breath and flops back with her eye rolling back.

MaX, Norah’s long term boyfriend was headed to her house to tell her about a surprise trip he’s planned for the two of them when he sees her slumped over in her chair with her head tossed back. MaX puts his hand in front of her face to check for breathing but it’s so shallow that he decides to do CPR.

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Lone Victim

“Lone Victim”
Starring Aspen Ora
Directed by MaX CoXXX


Aspen is found passed out on the floor of the hospital in the midst of seeking medical help when Dr. Johnson, just off duties, notices her body flopped over on the floor. The doctor kicks into medical reflexes and rushes her into a open room quickly undressing Aspen so as to find out her ailment.

Dr. Johnson covers her entire body except her feet and pulls out his tools before sitting down on his stool feet level and takes her bare feet in his hands. Dr. Johnson rubs his fingers in and out of her toes and rubs them up and down. Next he pulls out his reflector tools running them along the bottom of her feet as Aspen’s toes curl.

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Tragic Outcome

“Tragic Outcome”
Starring CK


A young beauty, CK, is brought into the morgue and Dr. Flash begins his post mortem forensics.

He inspect the body, taking samples, photographs and notes throughout before wrapping her hands and feet in gauze so that she can be autopsied later in the day.

Fetish Elements: (SC) Morgue, Body Fondling, Body Flopping, Relieving Rigor, Measuring, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Fingernail Scraping, Pussy Swabbing, Mouth Swabbing, Breast Exam, Tongue Examination, Breast Fluid Extraction, Foot Views, Body Views, Limp Fetish, Medical Fetish, CSI, Body Inspection, Medical Clinic, Stripping.

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Unwelcome Drama

“Unwelcome Drama”
Starring CK
Directed by JohnM


CK is talking on the phone lamenting with her friend over the sad state of her brother, “I mean I’m not one to complain but he does NOTHING! I think he’s starting to blend in with the couch!”

Suddenly, CK reaches for her throat and is gasping for air as she drops to the ground and her body starts convulsing—she’s having a heart attack!

Minding his own business and coming out to the living room to watch a little TV, CK’s brother Flash notices her body sprawled out on the floor.

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A Deadly Perversion

“Deadly Perversion”
Starring Norah Nova


Under a powder blue sheet lies a young woman, cut down in the prime of her youth, now in the county morgue to determine what happened to her. The medical examiner begins by doing an external observation first, but with no obvious cause of death forthcoming, he starts to disrobe her. Sliding her short skirt down her smooth, toned legs, her black, lace panties are exposed. Next, her top is taken off, her black bra containing a firm, perky pair of tits. All the while, the ME drones on, his emotionless voice recording the various facets of what was once an active and vivacious existence.

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Lost without You

“Lost without You”
Starring Lily Labeau


On a grey sunday afternoon Lily and her boyfriend, John, are sitting on the couch talking about their life and the direction they are going. Lily admits she has been sad for a while even though she knows things are pretty smooth sailing.

Then all of a sudden she has a severe seizure and doubles over with her head falling into John’s lap.

“Honey! Are you okay?!? What’s going on?” John asks panicked as he lowers her body onto the floor starting chest compressions.

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