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Lost without You

“Lost without You”
Starring Lily Labeau


On a grey sunday afternoon Lily and her boyfriend, John, are sitting on the couch talking about their life and the direction they are going. Lily admits she has been sad for a while even though she knows things are pretty smooth sailing.

Then all of a sudden she has a severe seizure and doubles over with her head falling into John’s lap.

“Honey! Are you okay?!? What’s going on?” John asks panicked as he lowers her body onto the floor starting chest compressions.

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Time Called — Solara


A girl is recovering in the hospital after passing out at school. The doctors are evaluating her and keeping her monitored. They put her on oxygen as a precaution.

Later she codes. They work on her using CPR, ambu bag and defibrillator. Eventually they get her back and put her on oxygen. As they monitor her, she slowly becomes unstable again until finally coding.

They aggressively work to save her, but they fail. They call time.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Nudity, Defibrillation, Manual Resuscitation, Manual Chest Compressions, CPR, Spasms, Medical Death

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