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Dead Secretary 4

STARRING: Penny Pax, Willow, Breezy, Alexander and Rock

Penny Pax has been murdered, strangled with a tie.

The CSI team show up at the scene, her office, and examines her body. They suspect her boss is responsible, but continue gathering clues.

They notice the semen around her mouth, and notice the perp paid special attention to her feet.

They pick up the body and transfer it to a body bag and send her off to the morgue.

In the morgue, the coroner and morgue tech take Penny’s body out of the body bag and start to strip her. The detective comes in and see’s if they’ve uncovered anymore information, they tell him that they are still examining the body and continue.

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Tiffany Fox In The Morgue

STARRING: Tiffany Fox and Rock

Tiffany Fox has been killed.

At the crime scene, the CSI take pictures of the scene, then try to piece together what happened and how she ended up dead, and covered in cum. He bags her up and sends her off to the morgue.

In the morgue, the morgue tech takes her out of the bag then strips her.

He takes pictures of her body and breaks rigor, and inspects her fully.

He takes her fingerprints then swabs her mouth and pussy, then he inspects her mouth with a flashlight, then inspects her under blacklight.

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Cassidy Smith in the Morgue

STARRING: Melody Jordan, Veronica Radke, and Rock

Cassidy was murdered 12 days after her eighteenth birthday. She was found in the fetal position, on the floor of her apartment.

The CSI took photos, rolled her, took more photos and otherwise processed the scene before loading her into a bodybag for transport to the morgue.

The morgue room was cold, 52º. This was to help preserve the body. 14 hours after finding her murdered, she was in the morgue along with a second corpse from an unrelated death.

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Uncomfortable Mystery 3

STARRING: Jessie Parker

A young woman is murdered after wandering away from a party during a summer festival at a oceanfront town.

CSI shows up and examines the crime scene, trying to find clues to the murderer.

They take the body to the morgue and remove the clothes and examine the body, they bag her hands and take the body to the lab. The detectives come in and try to help, trying to figure out who this killer is secretly as to not scare tourists away. They go into great detail looking over the body, hypothesizing theories, and finding evidence.

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Life and Death VII

STARRING: Tegan Mohr

A young woman has her first photo session. She ends up strangled. The CSI bag her, then in the morgue she is processed. Later, the killer pays her a visit.


Megan is excited when the photographer arrives. They take all sorts of pictures, but mostly photos of her posing like she is dead. It is art, so she is cool with it. But, later, when she is posed tied to a chair, she gets a little nervous.

Suddenly, there is a rope around her neck and she is struggling for her life. She arches and twists, tenses up, jerks, gasps, strains, but nothing keeps her from dying and as she does a warm puddle of urine soaks her jeans.

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In The Morgue: Alisha

STARRING: Alisha Adams

A young girl has been murdered, strangled by and unknown perp. CSi is on the scene with a detective, they case the scene and put the body in a body bag and take her to the morgue

The morgue techs take her out of the bag and start their full exam, stripping her, flipping her over and sliding her nylons off of her lifeless legs. They start to take pictures and tag her. They inspect her mouth, tongue and her eyes.

They bag all of the evidence and take it out. Later, the detective from the crime scene sneaks in, he starts to feel and grope her stiff sexy body, sucking on her nipples. He then slides his finger into her pussy and fingers her. He pulls out his cock and starts to rub it on her feet, giving himself a dead foot job, then opens her mouth and starts to fuck her dead open mouth.

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