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Zoey’s Day in the Morgue

STARRING: Zoey Laine

Rock is preparing a post autopsy cadaver today for a funeral.
The final body is uncovered as Rock zips open the sheet, revealing Zoey’s Body.
Rock stars by taking swabs and making sure her body is free from rigor mortis.
He continues going over the body looking for signs of trauma and problems.
He places her on her chest so he may inspect her back.
Rock finishes the preparations by finishing preparing her for the autopsy.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Sexual Content, Morgue, Stripping, Rigor mortis, Black Light, Nudity, Finger Prints, Fingernail Scrapings, Hair Samples, Headblock, Swabbing Mouth & Pussy

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The Hillside Killer 3: Through the Window

STARRING: Starring Rachel James, Rock, Alex Dorian, and Erik the Red

The Killer has found his next victim, Rachel, as he watches her from across the street through his apartment window. He watches her undress and admire herself, touching her breasts and running her hands down her body imaging a big strong man will come to love her.

After she’s dressed she notices the Killer is watching her. What a PERVERT! She grabs her phone and starts to dial but he has disappeared.

Later, there is a knock at Rachel’s door. It’s him, the PERVERT! She has seen him multiple times and she’s sick of it. She knows where he works and she threatens to have him fired for what he’s done to her.

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Valentina’s Misfortune

STARRING: Valentina Nappi and Mile

A mysterious tragedy has left a beautiful woman naked and full of bloody bullet holes. There was some kind of mass shooting at the local mall, but details are still unknown. All of the victims were women in their 20s with dark hair. Any information beyond that is a mystery.

One of the victims is an incredibly beautiful woman with a voluptuous body and a lovely face. She looks strangely familiar… The morgue technician admires her through the plastic. Where does he know her from? He wracks his brain. He starts to feel aroused as he’s touching her body through the plastic. Ah, that’s it. She’s a famous porn star! Wow. And here she is on his table. What a treat.

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Uncomfortable Mystery V

STARRING: Jessi Summers, Miles, Rock, and Bolly Wood

Jessi is on the phone with her boyfriend, who is also part of the mob. She just finished ingesting the cocaine pellets. She’s scared, but she’s ready to do the drug run. She lays down on the couch, her feet are fidgety. She gets up to leave her apartment, but suddenly she is rushed by a strange intruder.

Some time later, Jessi is found dead, sprawled on her apartment floor. A CSI team arrives to investigate the scene. They inspect her body thoroughly, picking up her limbs, rolling her over, checking her legs and feet. Looks like the serial killer has struck again. They lift the body into a bodybag and she is taken to the morgue.

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Alone in the City

STARRING: Kiki Sweet and Miles

A terrible tragedy; a beautiful woman has been murdered in her home. She has been left on her bed, sprawled out, with one shoe halfway off. Her panties have been removed, and she is wearing very little clothing. Something awful happened. She is so beautiful, even in death. The detective arrives. He scans the scene, gathering evidence and information, placing numeric markers around the scene.

When he is finished, the body is placed in a body bag and taken to the morgue for further investigation. In the morgue, the coroner begins by breaking rigor in her arms and legs. Once she is suitably limber, he begins the standard procedures. He removes the clothing from the body, sitting her up, her hair falling around her face has he peels her shirt off.

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Pepper Morgue

STARRING: Pepper Kester

A young woman is working out. She has a heart attack and drops dead. The CSI loads her into a body bag. Later, in the morgue, she goes through a full exam from clothing removal to washing.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Nudity, Sexual Content, Heart Attack, Crime Scene, Body Bag, Morgue, Exam, Body Washing, Foot Washing, Vaginal Exam, Speculum Exam, Hair Washing, Body Views, Foot Views

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word “teen”, “teenage”, “young girl” is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

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Pray For Him

STARRING: Emma Evins, Mercy, and Rock

Emma is an innocent, pious girl spending a night in reading the Bible by herself. Suddenly, a masked man enters her home and stands before her. She drops the book in fear and gets to her knees. She begs for mercy but he is here for vengeance; her church has been trying to get his gang shut down. She only wants to make the world a better place and she begs him to let her pray for both of their souls before he silences her for good.

Grabbing a rope from his pocket, he tightens it around her throat, towering over her trembling body as he overpowers her. Spitting and fighting for air, she struggles against the massive man, pounding her tiny hands against his bulging arms. After a lengthy struggle, she dies and he leaves her body splayed out on the floor.

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Casey’s Case: Strangled, CSI, Embalmed and Displayed

STARRING: Casey Calvert, Breezy, and Miles

Casey was at work late, she heard a noise in her boss’s office and went to go check it out. A masked man, searching through the desk attacks her, taking her to the ground and strangles her till she is dead.

The CSI team arrives on scene in the morning. They take evidence and pictures then take the body to the morgue.

They begin their examination, first breaking rigor, then removing the clothes, then start to take pictures, and take various samples, fingerprints, nail scrapings, vaginal and mouth swab, hair samples, temperature, feel the body for any irregularities, check the body entirely front and back, head to toe. With no incriminating evidence, they prepare her for autopsy.

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Lock Your Doors

STARRING: Jessi Summers, Javier, and Bolly Wood

Jessi is getting ready to meet up with some friends for the evening, but as she’s getting dressed, an attacker bounds through the window and strangles her, leaving her for dead. Jessi’s body lays half-dressed and sprawled on the couch until her friends find her hours later.

The body is taken into the morgue, where it is thoroughly examined. The two examiners begin by breaking rigor in her arms, fingers, legs, and feet. Then they take photos and undress the body, and then swab the mouth and vagina. They turn her over, checking the entire body for evidence and take fingernail and toenail scrapings. They measure the body, check the throat and eyes, massage breast tissue, and prepare her for embalming.

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The Intruder

STARRING: Larae Bovee, Breezy, and Miles

Larae has just come home from a long day at work, she sets her bag down, then hears a noise, glass breaking, and starts to head toward it when a masked man rushes at her and tackles her to the bed. He roughly moves her panties aside and pulls out his cock and rapes her, then gets behind her and strangles her until dead.

The CSI team shows up later and examines the scene. They take pictures and samples then send her to the morgue.

In the morgue, they do a thorough examination, breaking rigor first, then removing the clothes, they then take pictures and take various samples: DNA swabs, fingernail scrapings, hair samples. They measure the body and flip it over trying to get some clue to her murderer.

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