Molly’s A Killer

“Molly’s A Killer”

Starring Moka Mora, Mary Jane, Sylvia Strange, & Harley

Directed by JohnM

Our favorite sexy sorority sluts are having a lesbo dance party! It quickly turns south thanks to a batch of bad molly that Moka smuggled back from her home country. The girls all suddenly start collapsing from the bad reaction. Will anyone save these pretty co-eds in the prime of their sexiness!?

Our handsome EMT Nathan is up to the challenge. He races in and immediately goes to work on the writhing heap of tits and ass. A lesser man would lose his composure with such tempting flesh at hand, but this EMT sticks to triage protocol and does his best to save the lives of all four girls. Watch as he performs CPR, mouth-to-mouth, and shock defibrillation to these bosomy, limp damsels. Will he be able to save our girls!?

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