Blowjob Gone Wrong

“Blowjob Gone Wrong”

Starring Kendra Lynn

Directed by JohnM

Kendra is doing what she does best, on her knees with Aaron’s thick cock in her mouth. She slurps and gags on his shaft like her life depends on it. It soon might come to that, as Kendra begins to convulse during a particularly zealous deepthroat attempt. She collapse to the floor and Aaron is left with his dick in the air. He springs into action and rushes to resuscitate his beloved dick sucker!

Watch this tense life and death struggle, as Aaron uses everything he’s got to save her life. Stripping her naked, blowing air into her lungs, pumping her chest and even unleashing hundreds of joules of electricity through her sexy body, making her shake and convulse. Watch as her full tits jiggle and bounce with every potentially life-saving jolt!

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