Contessa’s Last Day

“Contessa’s Last Day”
Starring Contessa, Ivy Jones

Contessa, a beautiful, young woman, has had her life cut short in her prime. So it is that her corpse has been wheeled into the local morgue, her body to be scrutinized and catalogued, once a person, now just a piece of evidence. The ligature marks on her neck are one clue, but to be thorough, her clothes must be removed, every nook and cranny probed and prodded. First, her jewelry is removed, to be followed by pretty sundress and her lacy panties.

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Frightful Housecall

“Frightful Housecall”
Starring Norah Nova

Bashful Norah asks Dr. John if he would make a house call and give her a private examination because she is so nervous about exposing herself to other people. Dr. John is more than willing to assist the delightful and seductive Norah and giving her body a full look over including her perky tits and tight ass.

Dr. John runs his hands along her breasts and finds them stationed at her warm pussy, “Doctor what are you doing?” Norah questions him. But he assures her this is all part pf his very thorough protocol.

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Proof is in the Panties

“Proof is in the Panties”
Starring Marilyn Moore

Marilyn and her boyfriend, Eric are prepping for a night out of sexy fun and she heads to her panty drawer for something enticing for later in the evening. But a hideous pair of bright pink panties Marilyn would never wear surface and she’s not having it.

“I knew you were cheating and this is the proof I needed!” Marilyn is distraught as she’s holding up the panties looking to her love for some reassurance.

But Eric isn’t doing this tango, “no, no, no Marilyn it is always something, I think you just conjure up things for excitement!”

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Acute MI

“Acute MI”
Starring Marilyn Moore
Directed by JohnM


Bratty, young Marilyn is arguing with her dad. “Fuck You!”, she exclaims as she begins to walk downstairs. Exasperated, Marilyn begins to feel faint as she nears the bottom. Then suddenly, Marilyn loses contentiousness and falls down the bottom stairs. She lands and lays there nearly lifeless with her legs spread. Her dad, hearing the thud, comes quickly to her aid. He assesses the situation and begins with rescue breaths. Then he begins compressions. He cycles through the breaths and compressions desperately attempting to save his daughter’s life.

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