Resus, Death, Necro 2

Resus, Death, Necro 2

Starring Teagan Mohr

Directed by JohnM

Note: 1080 HD Remaster, 60FPS Frame-rate Upgrade

A young woman is being monitored in ICU. She is and wearing an oxygen mask. Various medical staff attend to her. After a while, the doctor, when checking her vitals determines she has coded. They rush to save her, starting with chest compressions and then adding defibrillation. After a while, they remove her oxygen mask and start the ambu bag. Nurses are massaging her legs to keep her circulation going. Eventually they revive her during compressions.

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Gone Too Soon

“Gone Too Soon”
Starring Scarlet Skies
Directed by JohnM

HD and 4K Versions Available

A surprising day for the morgue tech. Usually, the bodies he receives are victims of accidents from the nearby industrial facility, but today, it looks like he has a student from the nearby school. Poor girl, so young, in her pretty summer top–bottoms seem to be missing along with her footwear. And even more, the way she died….bruising on her neck—curious.

He starts in exam in the normal way, donning his gloves and starting with photos. It is clear she has not been dead long, 5-6 hours at most. He takes photos while looking her over. He cuts off her top, exposing her breasts with perky nipples. He then cuts off her panties. He takes her temperature, confirming his earlier guess. Then he uses the black light to look through her hair and examine the rest of her body meticulously-rolling her on her side to get at all regions. He scrapes under her nails, hoping for evidence that might point to her killer. Such a tragedy; murders were rare in his area, but for a recent uptick. The poor girl, she still had braces and now, would never be able to show off her beautiful teeth.

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Cold Sexy Pleasure

“Cold Sexy Pleasure”
Starring Lena and Annica

The morgue tech uncovers the body of a women in a pretty white dress. She begins her exam.

She looks over the body, tags her, records notes, removes her clothes and starts giving her a thorough exam.

She scapes her nails, swabs her mouth, touches the girl all over and rolls the girl. She swabs and examine her pussy.

After a while, she starts to get more personal with her exam, focusing on the dead girls feet and examining them closely. She starts licking and kissing them.

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Sister Mary Morgue

“Sister Mary Morgue”
Starring Zoey Monroe
Directed By JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to 1920X1080 at 60FPS

A nun is dead. Murdered. The CSI case the scene.

At the morgue, the techs do a full exam.

They undress the corpse. Roughly break the rigor mortis in her joints. Swab her orifices and fingerprint her for evidence collection. Roll her on the cold steel table to ensure a thorough examination.

Later, the priest comes to say a prayer. They give him some time with Sister Mary. He does pray, then he lets his hands wander. Then he lets his cock wander into her open mouth for a while. Finally, he tests her faith by the tightness of her pussy until he cums all over the dead, young nun.

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Partied to Death

“Partied to Death”
Starring Laura and Annica

Pulling back the shoot reveals a recently deceased girl. She had wet foam and foamy residue in and outside her mouth. She had OD’d at a party.

Annica looks her over then using a cotton swab takes samples of the foamy substance to send to the lab.

She takes off the girls shoes, removes her skirt and cuts off her shirt and bra. She rolls her, checking her for marks and abrasions. She documents her nude corpse by taking photos.

She continues to make notes, and ties a tag to her big toe and then she take measurements of the corpse. She spends the rest of her time thoroughly checking the body, swiping, scraping and documenting.

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Lustful Exam

“Lustful Exam”
Starring Jenny and Annica

Pulling back the shoot reveals a deceived woman, Asian, young, with braces. She is in a mismatched bra and panty set and there is blood on her belly still fresh and leaking after she was murdered by her boyfriend hours earlier.

Annica take photos of the victim from all angles. She puts a toe tag on her, and begins the examination.

First she cuts her bra off, then checks the body, feeling her breasts, rolling her, and doing a basic exam. She combs though her hair, then swabs her mouth, looking for any evidence. Then she scrapes her nails.

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Sexiest Double Homicide

“Sexiest Double Homicide” 
Starring Stormy and Alexandria
Directed by JohnM

2 women are excited about a party and are waiting for their ride to arrive. Both girls are taking short naps when a killer arrives. He attacks and snaps the neck of one girl then heads over to the other sleeping woman. He climbs on the bed with her, snuggling with her. She wakes, he kills her too with a twist of her neck. The killer dishevels both girls clothing, exposing there pretty parts, then leaves.

CSI arrives and processes the scene.

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Morgue and Funeral Prep

Morgue and Funeral Prep
Starring Ashlyn Molloy and Rock

Note: Re-Encoded to 1920X1080 60FPS

Ashlyn Molloy is dead and in the morgue.

Rock, the morgue tech, unzips the body bag and pulls her out. He starts to relieve rigor in her hands, arms, legs and neck.

He starts to remove the clothes, then starts swabbing her mouth and pussy. He takes pictures of the body, measures it, then takes fingerprints and scrapes the fingernails.

He flips the body over then combs the hair and sets the body up for autopsy.

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Corpse Attraction

“Corpse Attraction”
Starring Nikki and Laura

Another day, another body. This one, though, looks promising. A woman, cute clothing, stockings. Finally, something to break up the monotony of the day. She starts the exam.

She takes pictures of the body, then makes some notes. She proceeds to cut off her clothing, starting with her stockings, then panties. Cutting her top, reveals the possible cause of death. She examine her closely.

The procedure continues, taking samples and looking her over. She leaves her bra on for the time being. Something about the contrast against the skin of the corpse gives her a stir in her loins. She will explore that thought later.

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Uncomfortable Mystery 4

“Uncomfortable Mystery 4”
Victoria Verve and Tegan Mohr
Directed By JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to 1920X1080

The girl wants a ride on the dark, lonely road and the killer obliges. In the car, she pulls off her sandals–makes small talk and rubs her feet. With a couple whacks to the head, he knocks her out. Carefully positioning the garrote around her neck, she comes to as it tightens. Clawing, wordless struggle, panic and then death. He drives into town, dumping her in a back alley. The puzzle for the cops begins.

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