Lustful Exam

“Lustful Exam”
Starring Jenny and Annica

Pulling back the shoot reveals a deceived woman, Asian, young, with braces. She is in a mismatched bra and panty set and there is blood on her belly still fresh and leaking after she was murdered by her boyfriend hours earlier.

Annica take photos of the victim from all angles. She puts a toe tag on her, and begins the examination.

First she cuts her bra off, then checks the body, feeling her breasts, rolling her, and doing a basic exam. She combs though her hair, then swabs her mouth, looking for any evidence. Then she scrapes her nails.

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Sexiest Double Homicide

“Sexiest Double Homicide” 
Starring Stormy and Alexandria
Directed by JohnM

2 women are excited about a party and are waiting for their ride to arrive. Both girls are taking short naps when a killer arrives. He attacks and snaps the neck of one girl then heads over to the other sleeping woman. He climbs on the bed with her, snuggling with her. She wakes, he kills her too with a twist of her neck. The killer dishevels both girls clothing, exposing there pretty parts, then leaves.

CSI arrives and processes the scene.

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Morgue and Funeral Prep

Morgue and Funeral Prep
Starring Ashlyn Molloy and Rock

Note: Re-Encoded to 1920X1080 60FPS

Ashlyn Molloy is dead and in the morgue.

Rock, the morgue tech, unzips the body bag and pulls her out. He starts to relieve rigor in her hands, arms, legs and neck.

He starts to remove the clothes, then starts swabbing her mouth and pussy. He takes pictures of the body, measures it, then takes fingerprints and scrapes the fingernails.

He flips the body over then combs the hair and sets the body up for autopsy.

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Corpse Attraction

“Corpse Attraction”
Starring Nikki and Laura

Another day, another body. This one, though, looks promising. A woman, cute clothing, stockings. Finally, something to break up the monotony of the day. She starts the exam.

She takes pictures of the body, then makes some notes. She proceeds to cut off her clothing, starting with her stockings, then panties. Cutting her top, reveals the possible cause of death. She examine her closely.

The procedure continues, taking samples and looking her over. She leaves her bra on for the time being. Something about the contrast against the skin of the corpse gives her a stir in her loins. She will explore that thought later.

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Uncomfortable Mystery 4

“Uncomfortable Mystery 4”
Victoria Verve and Tegan Mohr
Directed By JohnM

Note: Re-Encoded to 1920X1080

The girl wants a ride on the dark, lonely road and the killer obliges. In the car, she pulls off her sandals–makes small talk and rubs her feet. With a couple whacks to the head, he knocks her out. Carefully positioning the garrote around her neck, she comes to as it tightens. Clawing, wordless struggle, panic and then death. He drives into town, dumping her in a back alley. The puzzle for the cops begins.

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Deceased Lover

“Deceased Lover”
Starring Katie Kush
Directed by JohnM

Donning his rubber gloves, the coroner prepares for his next post-mortem examination. He unzips the body bag. His deceased subject is Katie, a cute little chick with glasses and a nose ring. The coroner snaps some photos with his camera before setting about removing the girl’s clothes. He’s sure to photograph the signature bruising around Katie’s neck.

Using scissors, he cuts off Katie’s white skirt and pink satin blouse. He drops the ruined clothes into the evidence bag, along with her sandals. The lab can analyze them for potential DNA evidence. Katie has nice titties for a petite girl. She is tattooed and the coroner can see her trimmed bush through her sheer panties. He pulls off Katie’s glasses and examines the bruising on her face and neck. He snaps more photos of the nude corpse for his records.

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Corpse Exam

“Corpse Exam”
Starring Chrissy & Lena

In a dank basement morgue, a cute dead girl lies in a bodybag on a cold metal table. The exotic mortician dons her mask and gloves, preparing for yet another post mortem examination. She opens the bag and her subject is wearing just a striped top and pair of bloody panties. She’s clearly bleeding profusely from the vagina.

The mortician cuts off the dead girl’s top, exposing her delicious little nipples, as well as a gushing bullet wound. The panties are removed next and the mortician examines her cadaver’s wounded genitals. Next, she checks the dead girl’s teeth and the rest of her oral cavity for any potential evidence. She swabs the corpse’s orifices for further DNA testing.

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Illicit Examination

“Illicit Examination”
Starring Vienna Rose
Directed by JohnM

In the morgue, the coroner prepares for his next post-mortem examination. He dons his gloves and unzips the body bag containing the cadaver of a young brunette named Vienna. She’s dressed for a tennis match and her athletic body looks sexy in the skimpy athletic wear. The coroner stoically goes through his procedure and begins snapping photos for evidence.

The coroner removes her shoes and places them in the evidence bags, noticing her distinctive reddish toenail polish. Using a pair of surgical scissors, he cuts off her clothes and bags them as well. Vienna’s body has attractive tanlines on her perky tits and curvy hips. Using the UV light, the coroner scans her naked body for marks or signs of semen. He uses a laser thermometer to gauge the time of death.

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Dead In Russia

“Dead In Russia”

In a Russian morgue, the sexy Eastern European coroner dons her latex gloves and solemnly prepares for another post-mortem examination. She pulls back the white sheet to reveal the dead body of a pretty young blonde. The girl’s face and neck are bruised. There is a bloody wound on her torso. Her knees are freshly scraped. The coroner gets to work removing the girl’s shoes and cutting off her top.

The coroner looks down at the girl’s pallid blue lips and shakes her head with a resigned sigh. She suspects the cause of death was ultimately suffocation. The cadaver is nude now and the coroner notes the girl’s athletic build. Her pubic hair is neatly trimmed into an attractive landing strip.

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Executed Soldier in the Morgue

“Executed Soldier In The Morgue”
Starring Allie James and Rock

Soldier Allie James has been captured by terrorists, they tie her up and turn on the camera and film her getting shot in the head, then leave her and the tape for the Americans to find.

Stateside, Allie’s body ends up in the morgue. Rock, the morgue tech, starts by relieving her rigor, then starts to take pictures, while stripping her.

He examines her body, swabs her mouth and takes her fingerprints.

He examines her mouth, and her pussy, then scrapes her fingernails.

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Morgues and Medical Movies

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